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Kersh Mido: Determined Mido on fitness mission

Can Mido return to the svelter days of yesteryear?

At 30 years old, it’s now or never for Mido to make a comeback. It appears he’s choosing now.

One of ’s most accomplished football exports has taken to Twitter to announce his plans to get back into shape. Ahmed Hossam, more affectionately known as Mido, recently posted several tweets about his new diet, which includes everything from fresh fruits and salads, to grilled chicken and fish.

Mido has officially been without a club since January 31 of this year, but hinted at resuming some light training later this month. I tweeted him back days later to wish him well and he confirmed to me that he’ll begin the physical part of his regimen “next week.” While he hasn’t specifically mentioned a return to football, one can infer from his drive to be fit that, that might be one of his goals.

He’s sarcastically been using the hashtag ‘Kersh Mido’ with each diet-related post. Critical fans previously used it to make fun of his weight on Twitter. It roughly translates to “Mido’s belly” or “Mido’s paunch.” It might as well translate to “Mido’s motivation” judging by his constructive use.

Mido hasn’t completely been idle since January. He’s dabbled in some TV show hosting, including “El Aalamy,” currently airing in its second season on Al-Hayat 2, and “Digital Mido,” found on Egyptian football portal FilGoal. Though he seems comfortable in front of the camera and appears set for a long TV career when he decides to hang-up his boots, at just 30 years old, the potential is there for a few more years of scoring goals first.

With Egypt off to a perfect start in 2014 , next summer’s finals in Brazil may be his last chance to check FIFA’s showpiece event off of his list of career achievements. In fact, Mido recently interviewed Egyptian national team boss for his TV show. The two seemed to strike a repoire, and Mido seems to have plenty of respect for the former U.S. national team manager, telling me via Twitter that he thought the American was a “top man.” Perhaps some of the off-camera conversation offered a bit of incentive as well? To be a fly on that wall…

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