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FC Bayern Munchen vs Al Ahly fans – The Factory of Chairs

Factory of the chairs - Bayern Munich vs Dortmund - Al Ahly - Egypt

In the world of football, few things are as entertaining as a club or player interacting with fans in an unorthodox or edgy way. Be it Everton’s “alternative” tweets during their recent game versus Crystal Palace or anything Anatoliy Tymoshchuk has posted, ever, fans undoubtedly enjoy it when the icons they follow daily reveal their humorous side.

Following Ahly’s recent African Champions League win over Orlando Pirates, it became clear to the “Ahlaweya” that only a win at the Club World Cup versus Evergrande was needed in order to face European champions FC Bayern Munchen. Eager for the anticipated clash, Ahly fans took to the Rekordmeister‘s official Facebook page to express their excitement for the potential matchup. Hailing from a country known for its unique sense of humor and cultural references, Ahly fans joked on the page that Ahly would “take Bayern behind the factory of chairs”. This statement, a reference from several popular Egyptian movies, refers to a chair factory in a poor, isolated region in Cairo that is often a haven for lovers seeking privacy; the phrase is also slang for humiliation in Egyptian male lingo.

The running joke escalated when an unassuming joker posted the phrase for the umpteenth time and was surprised to find the official Bayern page responding to him!

Al Ahly fans vs Bayern Munich Facebook page - Factory of the chairs

The curious Bavarian inquiry as to what this widespread Egyptian phrase meant ended up making the inside joke even funnier to most Egyptians. The fact that one of the world’s premier football clubs took an interest in the tomfoolery occurring on its Facebook page and endeavoured to learn more about the reference surely rubbed many Egyptian football fans and media the right way. The joke escalated even further following Bayern’s crushing 3-0 away win over Borussia Dortmund, when Bayern made a reference to the joke during its Facebook status about the game.

Factory of the chairs - Bayern Munich vs Dortmund - Al Ahly - Egypt

This humorous implication that Bayern took BVB “behind the factory of chairs” (humiliated them) served both to immortalize an already popular Egyptian joke and to strengthen  the relationship between the club and its fans in .

El Gollasha with Bayern Munich - Ahly fans

One might have been forgiven for believing that the status was the end of the joke, but Ahly fans, not to be outdone, introduced another running joke to the Facebook page. This time, some fans claimed that Ahly would “make el Gollasha” with Bayern, another reference to humiliation. It remains to be seen if Bayern will in turn return this joke as well!

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1 Comment

  1. sherif

    November 27, 2013 at 4:27 AM

    this is incredible.

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