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Hull City Egyptian owner criticises protesting fans

’s Egyptian owner and chairman Dr spent some time criticizing the faithful who protested the proposed name change.

Dr Assem Allam, who took charge in 2010, has angered most of  the Hull City fans after publicly declaring that he’s intending to change the club’s name to Hull City Tigers. Meanwhile, a group of the Tigers’ fans created a campaign called City Till We Die, calling the Egyptian owner to hold a meeting with the fans regarding the proposed name change.

In response to the recent events, Allam, on Sunday, told the Independent: “I don’t mind ‘City till we die.”

He added: “They can die as soon as they want, as long as they leave the club for the majority who just want to watch good football.”

The Egyptian owner, who seemed to be enraged with the protesting fans added: “How can they call themselves fans, these hooligans, this militant minority, when they disturb and distract the players while taking away the rights of others to watch the football, and of companies who have paid good money for advertising?”

“If they want to express their feelings they are free to do so, either outside the stadium or pay to take space. Seriously, they are welcome to talk to the stadium management about buying a space for a permanent banner, 10 times as big if they want. I am a supporter of democracy. I would have no issue with that.”

Finally, upon being asked about the consequences of the occurring protests he replied: “I’m a simple man. Do they want me to stay? If it’s ‘No thank you’, fine, in 24 hours the club is for sale, I do not put in one more pound and hopefully things happen quickly.”

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