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Mido: Salah 100 times better than Sterling

Salah to Liverpool
Retired Egyptian player Ahmed Hosam ‘Mido’ gave his opinion on the rumored Salah to transfer, saying the player would fit perfectly at Anfield.

Mido began his latest episode of ‘Mido Digital’ by stating that joining a club in the summer is better for any player because of pre-season preparations, which will help them acquire a position in the starting eleven and adapt to the team’s style in a physical and tactical manner.

Yet in some cases the winter transfers are better if the position of the player isn’t already reserved, like the case of Salah to Liverpool, as the Egyptian winger fits the club’s style of play.

Mido said: “Rodgers tried to sign a player to fill in the right flank, he signed Victor Moses on loan from Chelsea but he is always on the bench.

“Raheem Sterling plays on the right side constantly, but in my opinion Salah is 100 times better. Salah is faster, a better dribbler and a more clinical finisher.

“The risk of Salah moving to Liverpool in January is almost negligible, in my opinion.”

He added that the Egyptians, Arab fans and the media should support and believe in their players, so there is no risk in this move for Salah since reports say that Rogers asked for this signing and believes in his abilities.

Another point is that Salah has a good base with the English media because of his stunning performance against Chelsea and Tottenham over the past year which will help him to fit into English football.

“My followers on Twitter always ask me about him, whether they are Liverpool or Tottenham fans and I always affirm that Salah is one of the most important young talents in Europe,” Mido stated.

Mido justified all Salah’s success to him choosing to play at a club where he can participate in games regularly and have the spotlight shine on him.

moved to a modest team in a modest league that gave him regular playing time and a chance to participate in Europe.

“This shall be a lesson to our players regardless the name of the club as most of them will not move to ‘normal’ European teams, and would rather stay in Egypt instead,” Mido said.

Mido played in 5 out of the top 6 European leagues – Except the Bundesliga – cited his own experience when starting his career in the Belgian side Gent which was the chance to him to shine and move to Ajax.

“Salah made the same move I did when I moved to Gent. I went to a modest club in Europe that gave me regular playing time and it put me on the transfer market, which is exactly what’s happening with Salah,” Mido concluded.

In the end, whether Salah will move in this transfer window or the next one, Mido wished him luck in choosing a right club to move to.

Watch Mido’s episode of Mido Digital here

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