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Pharaoh Assem Allam threatens to quit Hull if FA reject Tigers name change

Assem Allam
In a daring interview with Sky Sports, Dr publicly opened fire against some of ’s supporters and threatened to quit if the FA rejects ‘Hull Tigers’ name change.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Hull City’s Egyptian chairman has threatened to leave the club if the FA do not allow the change in the club’s name to go through from being Hull City AFC to Hull Tigers.

“No-one on earth is allowed to question my business decisions – I won’t allow it and I’ll give you my CV to give you comfort and show you what I have achieved.

“I’m here to save the club and manage the club for the benefit of the community – it will never, ever be the other way around – take it from me.

“But the community can say “go away” and I will go within 24 hours.

“They can have it if they want, but it is a minority, normally the minority shout louder. I don’t go by that, I go by the majority normally, you know this from many many examples.

“I haven’t met more than two in the last month who say they would rather keep the name and play conference, I’ve had two people saying that, luckily only two.

“But if the majority are saying that then no harm done, just as soon as I know that it is the majority, and it is not the majority, then I go, I go with a smile.”

When asked what would happen if the FA said he could not change the club’s name, Allam said: “The same thing. It’s a free country. There are no two ways about it – I have never said something and then gone back on it.”

“I don’t think it’s a big issue actually, it’s a big issue in the media’s mind and the media are aggravating the situation because it suits the media.

“I mix with many people here in the area and outside the area, and it’s not a major thing, the feedback I get is “we don’t care if you drop City as long as we want to wake up Saturday morning and go to see quality football, and see the top players, some of the top players in the world playing football in our back yard”. So I don’t see it, from their life as a big issue really.

“We are unique, Hull Tigers are unique, we are the only club not forcing the issue, owners are not forcing the issue.”

It is worth noting that the Egyptian has the backing of the team’s manager Steve Bruce who defended Allam earlier saying that there would be no ‘Hull City’ without him.

While his words are seen as controversial, Allam gave the fans something to look forward to by confirming that the club will sign Everton’s Croatian striker Nikica Jelavić while hinting at a possible agreement for West Bromwich Albion’s Shane Long.

Regarding Jelavić, Allam said: “He will sign today. It’s a massive deal, our biggest ever. The club is moving forward.”

“We have Tom Huddlestone, we have very good players. We paid a lot of money for first class players and we’ll continue doing that,” Allam concluded.

When asked if a move for Shane Long has been agreed, he responded: “I hope so. I thing we agreed terms. It’s a matter of talking, getting the club to release and the player to agree.”

Watch Allam’s statements regarding Jelavić’s & Long

Operations and Business Development Manager of KingFut. Degree in Pharmacy and Biotechnology from the German University in Cairo. Manchester United fan.

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