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Al Ahly striker El-Sayed Hamdy’s son kidnapped

Mixed Emotions: El-Sayed Hamdy cries after scoring against Al Ragaa.

Mixed Emotions: cries after scoring against Al Ragaa.

Al Ahly and Egyptian international striker El-Sayed Hamdy ‘celebrated’ his goal by crying after discovering his son was kidnapped in Fayoum on Friday night.

The Egyptian international cried right after scoring his side’s third goal in a 3-0 win against Al Ragaa on Saturday, after learning about the kidnapping of his son.

Five-year-old Karim El-Sayed Hamdy, who is Hamdy’s son from his former wife was kidnapped when he was on his on his way to his aunt’s house in Abu Gendir on Friday night, which is located in Markaz Estta in Fayoum.

Hamdy was unaware of his son’s kidnapping until today, and he couldn’t hold back his emotions on the pitch after scoring.

The kidnappers have reportedly demanded a fee of LE250,000 (£25,000) for Karim’s release.

Major General Shafei Hasson, who is a Ministry of Interior official in Fayoum, is aware of the incident and the police, along with the residents of Fayoum who are doing their best to find Karim.


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