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Ultras Ahlawy release statement regarding clashes with security forces

Ultras Ahlawy

, a group known for being die-hard Ahly fans, released a statement on Friday night explaining what happened on Sunday following Al Ahly’s match against Sfaxien after reports of clashes between them and the security forces.

The Ministy of Interior had already released a statement on Thursday, stating that Al Ahly fans were the ones who started such clashes.

The Ultras statement began by explaining how they have scheduled their day in order to give the players much needed support to win the African Super.

“We have organized ourselves on our own at noon, with the Security forces around and no problems occurred,” the statement read.

“We entered the stadium and organized ourselves in position for the entrance. The match started with a historical entrance (tifo), the very first of it’s kind in Africa. Our full attention was on it and we had no intention of causing trouble with any side.


“The match went on while we were cheering and the team was able to retain its title, which was promised (by us) before the match; that the team will win the title by the cheering and we focused on this,” read the Ultras Ahlawy statement.

Ultras Ahlawy have outdone themselves on Thursday night, the way they cheered impressed many and their passion for Al Ahly was evident.


“This also proves that we had no intention, whatsoever, of causing any trouble.” the Ultras’ statement continued.

“The day passed on perfectly for the fans with no problems. If we had intended to cause troubles, we would have done so when we set foot in the stadium.”

Ultras Ahlawy admitted that they were the ones who, apparently by their anti-Habib Al-Adly (former Minister of Interior) chants, angered some policemen.

“The problem started when we cursed Habib Al-Adly, which provoked some policemen.”

Then came a rhetorical question: “Why would they be angry for a former Minister, who is in prison charged of Murder?

“Do they still regard him as their Minister and follow his example?

“Afterwards, they came to take down the main banner of the group. Then the clashes started.

“Their attempts were unsuccessful as they were unable to take any banner of the group.

“They are talking about injuries and nobody is talking about how they broke the gate of the stadium in the presence of 20,000 fans. Nor about the tear gases, cartridges and live bullets.”

They continued their criticism saying: “No body is talking about the injured people lying in the hospitals.”

“For football fans, attending matches in the stadium is the most important thing and is what we asked. Nevertheless, this does not mean that we will remain silent or tolerate their reuse of repression, intransigence or stupid ways.”

Ultras Ahlawy are known for their hate for the security forces, so such a statement was expected. Both sides narrate a different story. The end result unfortunately is injured people.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Omar Mac

    February 21, 2014 at 9:19 PM

    stupidity from both sides.

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