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Report: Al Ahly dispatch Milan as the most decorated club in the world

Al Ahly dispatch Milan

After Al Ahly claimed their 6th African Super Cup at the Cairo International Stadium on Thursday night, the club dispatched to become the most internationally decorated club in the world.

Following Al Ahly’s recent Super Cup triumph with a 3-2 win over Sfaxien, the African champions won their 19th international trophy which means that they surpass the record jointly held by AC Milan and Boca Junior’s to become the most internationally decorated club in the world.

On that occasion, Italian newspaper La Gazzetta Dello Sport published an article titled: ‘Milan is no longer the most successful club in the world.’

Al Ahly dispatch Milan

“Al Ahly, who now have 19 international trophies, exceeding Boca Junior’s and AC Milan, want to make checks,” referring to the fact that AC Milan wants to check Al Ahly’s international trophies.

“West-facing fearful gaze was a mistake. Other than Boca, the danger comes from the south: Egypt, Cairo, the city in which plays Al Ahly. What does that have to do with Milan? Simple, and on the same historical day: The day before yesterday, the red and white of the chairman Hassan Hamdy, on the day of the 28th anniversary of the presidency Berlusconi, have passed the Tunisians Sfaxien 3-2, winning their sixth African Super Cup.”

“Well this, merely a trivial addition on the bulletin board, is the nineteenth international title in their history. Fatal news by Aldo Rossi: AC Milan , who share with Boca Junior’s the record (18 titles), won over one hundred titles between national and international competitions (even in the Arab world).”

“The nineteenth success of Al Ahly ousts Milan: 8 CAF Champions League (the European Cup of Africa), 4 African Cup Winners cup , 6 African Super Cups and one Afro-Asian cup. A tournament which looked a bit ‘special ‘but that involves two minor leagues but still official, and that saw Al Ahly impose itself on the Japanese Yomiuri in a final return. The Cup was abolished in ’98, and at that time was the alter ego of that European-South American.”

Furthermore, Al Ahly wants AC Milan to remove the slogan written under the club’s crest “il club piu titolato al mondo”, which translates to “the most titled club in the world”.

Malak Hassouna is a French Baccalaureate graduate and currently a Political Sciences student, who was born and still lives in Cairo. She started playing volleyball at the age of 7 as a libero at the Shooting Club in Cairo. A hardcore Chelsea and Al Ahly fan, also a Roger Federer worshipper. She writes for various websites and blogs including KingFut, Chelseafc360 and Vavel UK.

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