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Al Ahly to host Young Africans in Max Stadium

Al Ahly host Yanga at El-Max Stadium

Azmy Megahed, director of the media department at the Egyptian Football Association, confirmed that Al Ahly’s match against Tanzanian side Young Africans on Sunday night will be played at El-Max Stadium.

The Red Devils, along with the Egyptian Football Association, managed to get an approval from the security authorities in Alexandria as the Ministry of Interior refused to secure the Champions League match in Cairo – especially after what happened in Al Ahly’s last match in Cairo – which caused a major dilemma for the team.

El-Gouna’s stadium was also mentioned as an option for the match, however, the technical staff and players of the team expressed their dissatisfaction with the choice of this stadium and opposed it, which made Al Ahly’s administration exert maximum effort to make security officials in Alexandria approve to secure the match without any fans.

On the other side, Young Africans S.C. informed Al Ahly’s officials that they want to stick to Cairo Stadium and disagreed to play the match outside of Cairo: “The place and time of the match were sent 10 days earlier and Young Africans stick to this letter,” said Idress Gomaa, Tanzania’s Counsel in Cairo after a visit that took place in the club.

It is reported that Sayed Abdel-Hafiz is currently on negotiations with the Tanzanian side to persuade them to play the match in Alexandria.

Al Ahly lost in the first leg of the round of 32 clash that took place in Dar El Salam last Sunday 1-0.

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