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A closer look at Al Ahly presidential candidates

Al Ahly presidential candidates

As Al Ahly presidential elections beckon,’s Hussein El Garawany takes a closer look at the club’s candidates.

Al Ahly are expected to hold elections by 28-29 March after Hassan Hamdy and his board members completed their period of 8 years. The former Ahly president – who has now been sent to prisonannounced that he will not nominate himself for the position of president in the upcoming election.

In this article we will take a closer look at the candidates who are running for elections, in particular the two committees that are headed by the engineers Mahmoud Taher and Ibrahim El-Maalim, who are both willing to be the 14th president of the Cairo giants.

Ibrahim El-Maalim’s Board

Ibrahim El-Maalim

Ibrahim El-Maalim’s board consists of 11 members. A President, Vice-President, Treasurer and seven Board Members, three of which are under the age of 35. The board choose the slogan ‘Al Ahly above all’ to convince the club members that the club will always remain more important than personal interests.

El-Maalim stated that his board provides people that do things for the club without mentioning it to the public as he continued by saying that members of the general assembly know them because they are always involved in the club’s affairs.

The presidential candidate also announced in a press conference that he is intending to focus on the club’s third branch in Sheikh-Zayed because it will be a leap in the club’s history, in addition to improving all the sports teams.

Ibrahim El-Maalim – President


  • Graduated from Cairo University with a Bachelor of Engineering in 1969.
  • Chairman of El Shorouk Co.
  • President of Al Ahly centennial celebrations in 2007.
  • Vice-President of the club from 2002 to 2004.
  • Al Ahly board member from the period of 1991 till 1998.
  • Head of the committee that celebrated the African Club of the Century in 2001 which included a game against Real Madrid.
  • The head of the swimmers board in the World Championship in 1986.
  • Best swimmer in Egypt at the age of 16 and was the youngest player in the Egyptian national water polo team.

Moharam El-Ragheb – Vice-President


  • Graduated from Cairo University with a Bachelor of Science.
  • The general director of Al Ahly from 2001 till 2012.
  • A board member in the club for more than one period.
  • Former international swimmer who won the Egyptian championship of swimming in 1963.
  • Achieved a record in 100m and 200m swimming in Egypt in 1963.
  • Won third place in the World Military Championships that were held in Spain.
Tarek Kandil – Treasurer


  • Graduated from Cairo University with a Bachelor of Commerce.
  • Manager of Commercial International Bank in Cairo.
  • A board member in Al Ahly resources development for more than one period.
  • Has certified degrees from international trainings in financial management.
  • Chairman of the board of directors of Dynamic Co. that provides provisional stock exchanges in Cairo.

Mohamed Shawky – Board Member


  • Bachelor of Dentistry.
  • Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department in Misr International hospital.
  • Founder and chairman of QDnet in Qatar.

Sayed Sadik – Board Member


  • Former colonel in the Egyptian Thunderbolt.
  • Al Ahly club captain in water polo.
  • Board of member in Egyptian swimming Federation from 1984 to 1992 and from 2000 till 2004.
  • President of water games in from 1983-1989, 1991-1997 2011-present.

Hany Abdel-Moneim – Board Member


  • Graduated from Ain Shams University with Bachelor of Arts (English).
  • Basketball player in the club from 1979-1996.
  • Best basketball player in Egypt in the year 1989.
  • In 1988 he was part of the side that won the first Egyptian Basketball Cup for the club.
  • A board member in the Egyptian Basketball Federation for four years (2004-2008).

Yasser Said – Board Member


  • Graduated from Ain Shams University with an International Marketing degree.
  • Works in increasing the Egyptian exports to all the world.
  • Preparing PHD in Business Administration from Germany.

Waled El-Feel – Board Member


  • Graduated from Ain Shams University with a Bachelor of Engineering.
  • The chairman of E-Cloud Media Production House.
  • An agent working for the Australian University.

Sherin Mansour – Board Member – Under the Age of 35


  • Graduated from Ain Shams University.
  • National team and Al Ahly captain in swimming until 2010.
  • Egyptian champion in long and short distance swimming until 2010.
  • Achieved 5th place in the Swimming World Championship in 2009.
  • Ranked as the 14th best swimmer worldwide and 1st in Africa in 2009.

Mohamed El-Garhy – Board Member – Under the Age of 35


  • Graduated from Marines Academy.
  • Managing director of Egypt National Company since 2006.
  • Managing director of the Egyptian Iron & Steel Co. since 2008.

Mohamed Serag-Eldin – Board Member – Under the Age of 35


  • Graduated from American University in Cairo with Bachelor of Engineering.
  • A professor at AUC.
  • Committee volunteer in 2012 to know the problems of the workers and the members in Al Ahly.
  • Completed a Sports and Event Marketing Program in 2011.

Mahmoud Taher’s Board

Mahmoud Taher Board
On the other hand, Mahmoud Taher’s board includes 12 member. A President, Vice-President, Treasurer and nine Board Members, four of which are under the age of 35. The same slogan is used “Al Ahly Above All” in addition to the sentence “Future of the Club” is used in Taher’s campaign promises that they will bring a bright future to the club if they were chosen.

Mahmoud Taher announced that he decided to run for Al Ahly presidency because he believes that the club needs new people with new ideas to help improve the facilities and to serve the club members. He also mentioned the financial crisis and that he will work on it with his board to get Al Ahly on the right track financially.

Taher said that his board has a mixture of experience and youth and that they are all looking forward to help the club and solve the problems for the members of general assembly, while also saying that his board have no political affiliation.

Mahmoud Taher – President


  • Graduated from Cairo University with a Bachelor of Engineering.
  • A board member in the club from the period 1996 till 2000.
  • Was elected in 2004 to complete as a board member in the club till 2008.
  • A board member in the EFA in 2009.
  • A squash champion in Egypt from 1966 till 1973.
  • The chairman of Eimac Company worldwide.
  • The chairman of MEGA Investments in petroleum.

Ahmed Said – Vice-President


  • Graduated from the American University in Cairo.
  • A swimming champion who achieved a record in the “butterfly” in Egypt.
  • Achieved a gold medal in Egypt swimming champion when he was 15.
  • Represented Egypt in the Olympic games in 1984.
  • Was a member in the Egyptian parliament in 2011.
  • One of the founders and the party leader of El-Masreyn El-Ahrar.
Mostafa Kamel – Treasurer


  • Accountant – Bachelor of Commerce.
  • Participated in multiple sports in the club: Handball, Soccer, Squash and Swimming
  • Won the youth league as a football player in 1968.
  • Financial manager of El-Ghalban Company.
  • 20 years of Experience in finance in Mobile Gas company.

Taher El-Sheikh – Board Member


  • Graduated from Helwan University.
  • Started his footballing career in El-Olympi club.
  • Transferred to Al Ahly and played for the national team when he was 17-years-old.
  • One of the most successful footballers in Egyptian history.
  • Chairman of Trust company for land scape

Emad Wahed – Board Member


  • Graduated from Cairo University Bachelor in Management.
  • Member in Al Ahly SC since 1962.
  • General manager of Mercedes Benz in Egypt.
  • The official distributor of Mitsubishi motors in Egypt

Mohamed Abdelwahab – Board Member


  • Graduated from Ain Shams University – Bachelor of Commerce.
  • Elected a board member of Al Ahly club for two periods from 2000 till 2004 and from 2004 till 2009.
  • A chairman in Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Wahab & Co. for imports.

Hesham Elamry – Board Member


  • Doctor – Graduated from Cairo University.
  • A member in the culture committee in Al Ahly SC from 2000 till 2009.
  • Chairman H-Clinic Center in weight loss.

Ibrahem Kafrawy  – Board Member


  • Graduated from Cairo University.
  • An under-age board member in club from 2000-2004.
  • Managing director of water teams in the club from 1990 till 2000.

Mohamed Gamal – Board Member  – Under the Age of 35


  • Graduated from Cairo University.
  • Handball player in Al Ahly and holds many local Championships with team.
  • Participated in a worldwide camp in Korea: 1999

Marwan Hisham – Board Member  – Under the Age of 35


  • Graduated from American University in Cairo.
  • Best Handball player in AUC for two consecutive years.
  • Works as a dealer at Bloom Bank.

Mohanad Magdy – Board Member  – Under the Age of 35


  • Graduated from Ain Shams University – Bachelor of Dentistry.
  • 4-time worldwide champion in Karate.
  • Member in the worldwide committee for Karate.
  • Achieved a diploma in training Karate from Helwan University.

Ramadan Samir – Board Member  – Under the Age of 35


  • Graduated from University of Northern Virginia (London) United Kingdom.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in marketing.
  • Director of Ali & Ramadan Shorosh Co. for commerce and industry.

It’s tough competition between these two boards and hard to really predict who will win the election. In addition, both of the boards have their own supporters. Tayser Al-Hawary and Mahmoud El-Khatib support Ibrahim El-Maalim’s board while on the other side, Hisham Selim, son of Saleh Selim, and the Mortagy family support Mahmoud Taher’s board.

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