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Mortada Mansour hits out at Omar Gaber

Omar Gaber ZamalekControversial Zamalek president has criticised for his alleged affiliation and support of the Ultras White Knights (UWK), and hinted at the possibility of him getting benched next season. 

Mortada Mansour’s feud with the UWK has been ongoing for months but reached its climax when the former accused the group of attempting to end his life in front of the club’s headquarters.

Mansour took the time to criticise Gaber during the Royals’ press conference announcing the new arrivals, saying that the defender “likes to startle” the club.

“As for the player (Gaber) who likes to startle the team, spreading rumors that he’s on his way to Al Ahly,” he began. “I’d like to send a message to him.

“I’m warning you, I will get you banned by the FA because you are affiliated with an armed group.

“Then, even Al Ahly can’t sign you; anyway, if you want to leave for Al Ahly, it’s simple.

“As I told your team-mate Mohamed Ibrahim, if you want to leave I will drive you to the airport personally; the same goes for you – if you want to leave, I’ll drive you to the airport myself.”

Mansour wasted no time and hit out at the player shortly after, during the presentation of Zamalek’s recently acquired right-back Reda El-Azab.

“Reda is the best right-back in Egypt,” said Mansour. “He will be the reason why players in his position [Gaber] will be relegated to the bench.”

Zamalek’s outspoken president then attacked Gaber for a third time during the presentation of Ahmed Eid who returned to the Whites after a spell at Ahli Benghazi.

“He [Eid] is a real Zamalek son,” he said. “Unlike someone [Gaber] who pretends to be, and all he does is take his jersey off during matches.”

It is also worth mentioning that Mansour was hinting at the time when Omar Gaber scored in Zamalek’s 4-0 win over Al-Qanah, where he removed his jersey and displayed a shirt with a picture of Amr Hussien, a member of the Ultras White Knights who was killed in a protest.

Omar Zoheir has always been passionate about his football. Even though he's half Dutch, he doesn't support any team from the Netherlands, nor does he support any European team, he is simply a Zamalek fanatic. Although, he constantly follows the UEFA Champions League and Barclays Premier League.

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