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Post-Match Comments: Zamalek rue Momen chance, luck on Ismaily’s side

Zamalek commentPost-match comments following the 0-0 draw between Ismaily and Zamalek in the on Thursday.

As Zamalek manager Jaime Pacheco was unavailable for post-match comments, Ismaily boss Heron Ricardo Ferreira used his time to assess his team’s performance and his selections following the club’s 0-0 draw at home against the Whites.

Ismaily lacked creativity

Brazilian manager Ricardo started out by stating that it was a big match, and that anyone could have won it at any time. He was satisfied by the performance but there are areas his team needs to work on.

When asked about his teams performance, Ricardo replied: “Our team lacked creativity today. Our midfield was unable to create chances and key passes to score from.”

When asked about his team selection and specifically captain Hosni Abd-Rabo, the Brazilian said: “Even though Hosni had missed the last two training sessions due to his sister’s serious illness, it was important for him to play this match.

“We need a player like Hosni on the field, especially when we aren’t playing a weak team. Zamalek is a very strong team and came here to win and I am pleased with Hosni’s effort in the game,” he enthused.

Ismaily defender Ahmed El-Esh also had his say about the game: “We aren’t disappointed about the result. It isn’t a bad one, keeping in mind we were playing Zamalek who are a big team.”

“Most of our players are still young and have potential to develop and improve and that’s what we try to do from one match to the other,” he added.

“Obviously Zamalek had much more chances to score and were often the better side but when we had possession we were dangerous.”

When asked about his place in the team, Ahmed El-Esh was keen to state that he is doing his best to fight for his place.

“I got a chance to start playing towards the end of last season but to me that wasn’t as important as this season. I worked hard for my position during pre-season as I did not want to miss the chance to be a regular starter,” he said.

He then went forward to speak about the upcoming fixtures by saying: “Our upcoming fixtures are somewhat easier than the ones we’ve played recently and we don’t intend on dropping any points from them.”

Zamalek unlucky

Bassem Morsi went on air to speak about his (and his team’s) performance.

“I played my best and did all I could to try and score but halfway through the game I felt the ball was never going to go in for me. We were unlucky today even though he played very well and hopefully we can keep it up in our next match with luck on our side.”

When asked about which missed chance made him sure that it wasn’t their day, he said: “Momen’s chance in the second half just made me feel that the ball was never going to go into the net.”

He was then asked about his preferences when choosing who he plays aside. He defended his team-mates by stating that both Khaled Kamar and Ayman Hefny are very good players and he doesn’t mind playing alongside both of them at any time.

Zamalek’s left back, was interviewed later as he spoke about the result, the missed chances and his attacking position.

“We are obviously not happy about missing out on the three points today. We had a lot of chances on goal and the players did everything they could to score but the ball never looked like it was going in,” he said.

He then went on to discuss the biggest missed chance of the game by saying, “Momen’s shot that went wide just shows how much we were unlucky. Our chances showed we were the team who wanted to win this match more but luck doesn’t always stand by your side.”

He spoke about his performance and how he developed as a player, stating it was all because of the consecutive matches he has started in recently.

“I wasn’t playing for a while so it was important for me to stay back most of the time to ensure our defence wasn’t left open.

“I tried to show my best in defending first as that was more important than my attacking work rate. After I had started three games, I knew the coach had confidence in me and that’s when I got more confidence to go higher up more towards the game.”

He concluded by saying: “Up until a very short while ago, I used to play as a left winger, so moving into left-back was a new thing for me. I worked hard on it and I now prefer playing as a left-back more.”

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