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Xavi to KingFut: Barcelona are a school of life


King Fut was right in the thick of the action, as Xavi addressed the media while visiting Egypt for the launch of Campus Xavi Palm Hills.

Starting his speach, FC Barcelona player first had some thanking words for the way he was treated since arriving in Egypt.

“It’s an honor to be here with my family. It’s a great experience to work outside of Catalunya.”

“We are pleased with this experience. We are trying in this short time to compensate for what I didn’t receive at the Barcelona academy.”

“I want the kids to enjoy themselves and show them our Catalan traditions.”

“It’s only the first day, but it’s a challenge. I never imagined that the kids would be this happy.”

“We will take photographs tomorrow. The kids want to prove themselves and learn from a professional footballer, and I’m thinking of the best way to relay my experience to the children.”

“The sponsors made everything happen, and Egypt was my first choice as a holiday destination due to its traditions.”

The former Spain international went on to speak of his time in Barcelona and how he went up through the ranks at the Catalan club.

“I started at Barcelona at the age of 11, and developed into a professional. I consider myself a lucky person and I think the future holds good things for me. Football is my life and I want to stay involved in the game for a long time.”

“I think me staying at Barcelona was a good choice. I’m a Barcelona fan and never want to leave. I had many chances to leave over the years but I’m happy at Barcelona and want to stay.

When asked by King Fut‘s Mohamed Seif about the best player he’s ever played with, the answer was clear: “Messi. I don’t know much about history but he is the best I’ve played with and he will be the best in history.”

Xavi then went on to speak about the objectives of the camp.

“It’s important for the kids to enjoy their football, and that is the main aim of our trip to Egypt.”

“There are a lot of coaches that can identify talent on first sight. We can see them, identify them and talk to Barcelona about them. We’ve already seen glimpses, and this is important as football is one of the methods of communicating with people.”

KingFut‘s Marwan Ahmed then asked what made Xavi the player he has become, and what certain training techniques such as ‘Rondos’ helped to which the 34-year-old midfielder replied: “Barcelona are considered a school of life. Ball control and possession, what the players think about before and after having the ball, how we pass and move the ball around. We’ll work on all that [here], but as I said before what we really want is for the kids to enjoy themselves.

Hernandez was then asked about his Spanish compariot Juan Carlos Garrido and his recent exploits since taking over at Al Ahly.

“I understood that Garrido is here and won an African Cup [with Al Ahly], and that he’s having a good time here. It’s possible for two cultures to exchange experiences and we can learn a lot from Egypt.

Following last season, Xavi was constantly linked over the summer with a move away from Barcelona or retirement but the midfielder had different plans.

“A lot of people thought I was done at Barcelona but I talked with Enrique (Barcelona’s manager) and we agreed for me to stay on for one more year. My main aim is for Barcelona to win trophies even if I’m on the bench.

Regarding his knowledge of Egyptian players, Xavi identified Chelsea’s Mohamed Salah’s talent.

“Mohamed Salah is the most well known player [from Egypt] and the [Egyptian] players need to keep evolving, but through the cup [AFCON] that the Egyptian national team won proved how good this team is.

Barcelona’s squad under former manager Pep Guardiola was considered one of the best ever teams in the history of football to which Xavi agreed.

“I think Pep’s era was an amazing one, as was Tito’s. Last year we didn’t win any trophies but this year, we can do something.

“It’s hard to replicate Pep’s era; now more teams have studied us and have closed us down so it’s hard to maintain the same style of play.

“I want to keep playing. New players have come in but the main aim is for Barcelona to keep winning trophies and stay successful.

Barcelona’s fan-base in Egypt is well established to which Xavi expressed his delight.

“I’m surprised that there are a lot of Barcelona fans here, and I hope the people are happy in Egypt with our style.”

When asked about playing for Real Madrid, the two-time European Championship winner said: “I’m a Barcelona player through and through. I would never be happy playing for Real Madrid.”

“I’m at Barça and will remain at Barça; this is the truth,” he concluded.

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