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Vieira heads to Dubai to conclude Zamalek talks

Jorvan-Vieira-zamalek heads to Dubai to hold a final meeting with Zamalek’s board representatives.

Former Iraq and Kuwait national team coach Jorvan Vieira agreed terms to return to Zamalek as manager, following Jaime Pacheco’s surprise departure last month.

However, Vieira, who had a brief stint at the club during the 2012/2013 season, has yet to officially rejoin the Whites due to a past incident with assistant coach Ismail Youssef.

On a phone call to a television station last night, Zamalek chairman made things clear regarding the delay of Jorvan Vieira’s arrival: “The Vieira delay resulted from money being owed to the coach during his previous coaching spell under [former chairman] Mamdouh Abbas.”

“Ahmed Mortada Mansour and Khaled Refaat are both in Dubai waiting for Vieira’s arrival tomorrow from Qatar to hold a final meeting at 8PM,” he then added.

Mortada Mansour also confirmed rumours suggesting that Vieira wants Ismail Youssef out, saying, “Vieira’s problem is not with Mohamed Salah. Vieira’s problem is with Ismail Yousef because of a previous situation between the two coaches.”

The established lawyer concluded his 30-minute phone call by adding two more points mentioning that there will be a reaction to Moruf Yusuf and Khaled Kamar bans this Sunday, as well as denying previous reports suggesting that Zamalek have requested a settlement from Al-Shabab for Pacheco’s departure.

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