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Egyptian Committee of Referees announce resignation

Egyptian FAThe Egyptian Committee of Referees have announced their resignation following Al Ahly’s request to assign foreign referees for their league matches.

Juan Carlos Garrido, Al Ahly’s manager, has criticized this season’s refereeing, believing that decisions made by the referees have denied Al Ahly 9 league points so far.

Consequently, Al Ahly’s board have sent a letter to the Egyptian Football Association requesting foreign referees to be in charge of Al Ahly’s league matches starting with the upcoming derby against arch-rivals Zamalek on January 29th.

The Committee of Referees, headed by Essam Abd El Fattah, released a statement explaining their decision. The statement read: “The Committee of Referees refuse the presence of foreign referees given that the Egyptian ones have proven their worth; having refereed more than 186 League and Egypt Cup matches with a high degree of success, in addition to their excellent performances in the ongoing AFCON.”

“Having foreign referees will have a negative effect on Egyptian refereeing. Not to mention that the country is currently in need of financial support and the money should be directed towards this.

“The Committee completely trusts the local referees. They have been able to manage the tough matches, including the Cairo Derby, with efficiency and neutrality. Mistakes have been within a normal (or even below that) range, equal to that during the continental, worldwide championships.

“We are well aware of the intensity of the competition between the different clubs and we believe that our referees are able to keep up.”

A medical student who loves football. Any free time I have is usually dedicated to football. I support Al Ahly and Real Madrid (Al Ahly comes first of course). Contrary to popular belief, I believe that females enjoy football as much as males do; I am a living proof :D Proud that I am writing for King Fut.



  1. Release the Kraken

    January 22, 2015 at 10:43 PM

    Minimal mistakes are still mistakes. Also some of them might not be mistakes with the amount of BRIBERY and corruption that goes on from some Asian countries.

    i believe that when refs make multiple mistakes in a game they should be fined!! Especially if a clear penalty is denied or whatever. If video replay is needed then what is the issue?

  2. ahmed

    January 24, 2015 at 1:33 AM

    @Release the Kraken ? What minimal mistakes, the refereeing this year has been like every year except Ahly is losing and in Egypt when Ahly lose they have to cry and put the fault on referees and other nonsense stories. Fact is Ahly is probably the team that has historically been the most helped by referees in Egypt and any fan that is not an Ahly fan (not necessarily a Zamalek one) knows this and have seen his team lose this way against Ahly.

    Why do other teams dont bring foreign referees ? Referees felt insulted and it can be understood easily.

    Ironically, watch all the calls from now on go in Ahly’s favor until the end of the season. This was the goal of this ”foreign refs” and ‘crying out loud” little stunt.

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