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Aly Ghazal: We want to make history

Photo: CD Nacional's official Facebook page

Photo: CD Nacional’s official Facebook page

Speaking ahead of his side’s Taça de Portugal semi-final tie against Sporting on Thursday, Nacional’s Aly Ghazal gave the following interview to O Jogo.

Among other things, the 23-year-old talked about the season so far, his team’s objectives, and the future.

What’s your view on the tie against Sporting?

It’s a very important game for both teams. And even more for us, because we want to make history, since we’ve never reached the final of the Taça de Portugal before.

Will the cup be a way of rescuing Sporting’s season?

Yes, for Sporting, this is a chance to win something. They have fallen further behind in the league, and it will be really difficult for them to win the title. This will likely be their only opportunity to win a trophy this season.

Who is the favourite?

We both start from scratch. Being a two-legged tie, a 2-0 win, for example, would be an excellent result. It’s important to keep a clean sheet at home.

Nacional come into this game in good form…

Yes, we are good, with a good concentration. We are targeting a Europa League spot. We will play the game maintaining the stability we’ve always had.

After a poor primeira volta (first half of the season), the team changed. What happened?

The players came good and the team was confident in the work we were doing. We are very focused on qualifying for the Europa League, and things are going well.

Have you already fully adapted to Portuguese football?

When I arrived, it was difficult and I did not have good views at first, but now it’s all great. I love Nacional and I love living on Madeira.

Do you have a preference for another club in Portugal?

No. There are good teams in Portugal, with very good players and I wouldn’t mind playing in any of them. If in the future had to choose between a grande in Portugal or another country, I would rather stay here.

Last summer, you were associated with FC Porto…

I don’t know anything about this. I leave these things to the clubs and agents. If they contact Nacional and if the conditions are good for me, no problem.

This interview was originally published in O Jogo’s print edition, and was translated by Andrew Finn for

The first leg of Nacional’s Taça de Portugal semi-final will be played on Thursday, 5th March at 20:15 GMT.



  1. Nader

    March 5, 2015 at 12:09 AM

    Everybody’s talking about Salah, but Ghazal and Gomaa (aswell as Koka and Elneny) also provide solid performances every week but few give them credit for that, especially regarding the future plans of our NT. These guys should be the Backbone of the NT, but in Egyptian Media there is only Salah. I am happy to see Salah excelling at Fiorentina, but he is not the only one.

    • Ramezz

      March 5, 2015 at 1:31 AM

      I think the best is not to mention them much in the media. That way they try to do better every time and develop. Same goes for Salah. He’s playing well at the moment but still makes some mistakes. The media are talking about him like he’s messi or ronaldo. He still has a very very long way to become a world class player. The Egyptian media shouldnt write and speak about that much so that he can develop faster.

  2. Nader

    March 5, 2015 at 10:48 AM

    Totally agree, as long as they get called-up in the next period!

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