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EXCLUSIVE: Aly Ghazal discusses Lazio links, Egypt & more

Ali Ghazal Presser

On behalf of, Mohamed Osama exclusively interviewed ’s , discussing the  rumours and much more.

23-year-old defensive midfielder has been showing huge improvement this season, attracting interest from all over Europe. Mohamed Osama sat down with Aly for a chat on his current form, offers he’s received and Egyptian football in general.

Good morning Aly, how have you been?

Great! Thank you, hope you are doing well too.

Today we woke up to find headlines in Italy talking about Lazio’s interest in securing your services, is it true?

I was surprised too! There is no any kind of contact between myself and Lazio whatsoever nor is there any official offers.

If you are to receive an official offer from Lazio, would you accept it?

I would certainly accept it, Lazio is a big club that anyone would wish to play for one day.

Do you think you’d adapt to the Serie A style of play?

Why not? For sure everything is gradual, but I’ll try my best to adapt as fast as possible and do my best as I always do.

Have you received any offers from any other clubs lately?

There were no official offers, but there were talks with other clubs about a summer move. I can not name these clubs at this time.

Some players decide on the position they will play in before signing for a new team, would you do the same?

Certainly not, a player must be flexible and he must earn his playing time at any position that he is deployed in.

Since you can’t mention the interested clubs, can you give the readers a hint?

Yes, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

What do you think about recent news that Argentine coach  is to be Egypt’s National Team coach?

I didn’t know Cúper before, but when I viewed his CV I was very impressed. He coached some incredible clubs and players.

Do you think many Egyptian players playing abroad are overlooked?

I don’t know many Egyptians abroad, but there this one player, Sam Morsy, I think he plays in England and he looks to be doing very well and he is not getting the appropriate coverage.

Who’s the best goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and forward that you’ve played against this season?

Best goalkeeper, Alireza Haghighi, best defender, Luisao, best midfielder, Porto’s Brahimi and the best forward is Benfica’s Jonas.

What do you think of Ahmed Hassan Koka’s rise this season?

Koka has been great since last season. People in Portugal talk about him with great respect. I wish him the best of luck.

How do you feel about the Zamalek tragedy? Where did the problem occur and are there any solutions?

The only solution for the problem is to play the matches with no fans, we can not halt the league again. Also fans must respect the number allowed through the gates and not exceed that. The fans must also be treated well in return and a system must be put in place for arranging all matches in Egypt.

What does Manuel Machado tell you before every game? Is there anything specific he informs you of?

The professor informs me of specific instructions for every game like not to go forward or mark a certain player, but nothing in general.

Did anyone from the Egyptian Football Association contact you recently?

Not at all. Shawky Gharib and Abdel Sattar Sabry were the ones that talked with me during my time with the national team.

Are you regularly in contact with any of the national team players?

Yes, continuously. Shikabala, Hegazy, Koka and many more. I’ve been in contact with most of the national team players.

Following your 2-2 draw in Madeira yesterday, what will it take to seal a spot at the Taca de Portugal final?

All that it will take is 90 minutes of good football.

Would like to say anything to your fans in Egypt?

Yes, the most important thing is patience, I would like to thank everyone who supports back in Egypt and Inshaa Allah (God Willing) I’ll show more improvement during the next period of time.

Thank you for your time Aly and I wish you the best of luck in your career.

I am a doctor to be who has been passionate about football since I was just a kid. I've played for multiple clubs throughout the past decade including ElSeid and Maadi. My dream is to be football manager along with being a doctor, a mix that would be tough to achieve but doable for sure. I Enjoy what am doing, writing has always been a talent I like to put to use, that's why I like being part of the Kingfut family

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