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Sporting President speaks about Shikabala

Shikabala joins Lisbon

The President of Sporting, Bruno de Carvalho, recently gave an in-depth interview to the Record, in which he discussed the ongoing situation with (amongst other things), who’s still missing after six months.

Shikabala hasn’t been seen since early September, over six months ago, and Carvalho thinks that he absconded due to being excluded from the club’s Champions League squad, while he also refused to say that it was a case of bad man-management on the club’s part.

Statements in full:

“It’s not very common, but it happens. It’s not a rare case in Portugal. But we are dealing with it as normal as possible. The player hasn’t presented himself. We will certainly find a solution.

“It was the player that took this option; it appears that he could not live with the fact of having been excluded from the Champions League squad. I think that’s why.

“There are many people who say that they were waiting on him doing something like this, but there was never an issue of indiscipline related to Shikabala.

“There was no management error. It’s the same thing if you hire someone for your newspaper; the person disappears, and this is a management error? No, of course it isn’t.

“Now where is he? I don’t know! I hoped that he was in Egypt, but I heard [Jesualdo] Ferreira say that he also doesn’t know where he is. I see him on Facebook from time to time, though [laughs].”

Shikabala cost Sporting €500,000 over a year ago, but despite initial optimism, his time in Portugal quickly took a bad turn once Marco Silva replaced Leonardo Jardim as coach, and he didn’t appear to feature in the manager’s future plans. This, ultimately, led to the current situation, which shows no signs of being resolved any time soon.

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