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Egypt react to Abou-Treika news

A crop of Egypt’s most famous personalities, ranging from football players, musicians & writers reacted to the news about authorities freezing Mohamed Abou-Treika’s financial assets.

Egyptian authorities have issued a statement in an attempt to confiscate ’s financial assets, namely his company ‘As-hab Tours’ after alleged funding of the Muslim Brotherhood by the retired legend, with many famous Egyptian personalities expressing their support to the star on social media.

Ahmed Hassan: “Away fom any political belonging, I will remain as a witness in front of God that this person has very good morals.”

Mohamed Salah: “You’ll remain in the hearts Treika. People’s love for you is enough.”

Mohamed Nagy ‘Gedo’: “Confiscating his money won’t affect Treika only but will also affect many families in need who God has made Treika their source of livelihood. May God be with you Treika.”

Ahmed Fathi: “I swear that you’re one of the most precious & pure people to my heart.”

Mohamed El-Nenny: “You’ll remain to be a symbol of this country and people’s love is enough and more important than any money.”

Ahmed Hassan Koka: “When we speak of legends, Abou-Treika comes at the top.”

Sayed Moawad: “I love you for God.”

Sherif Ekramy: “No one can argue about his patriotism and humanitarian values. His money and income are an open book to everyone and the place he occupies in the hearts of Egyptians is enough.”

Ahmed Hamoudi: “Abou-Treika loved by the simple people and everyone else.”

Amr Warda: “Mohamed Abou-Treika, no matter how many people try to get you, you’ll always be the candle in the dark path.”

Ahmed Marghany: “Freezing Abou-Treika’s assets is a catastrophe, but this is normal in a country with a fragile system.”

Bassem Youssef: “May God make you happy like you made us happy.”

Fadel Soliman: “Today, your credit has increased with God and the people.”

Hamza Namira: “Abou-Treika is big in the hearts of people. Such a shame.”

Mohamed Attia: “And who in Egypt has Abou-Treika not made happy.”

Bilal Allam: “Abou-Treika.. A story for the Egyptian people.
Abou-Treika.. A beat that every part in Egypt loved.
Mohamed Abou-Treika, a story that made us love football.”

Bassem Morsy: “People come and go but you will remain to be the fans’ favorite.”

Mohamed Ibrahim: “Abou-Treika is a big star. I was honored to play with you. Believers are always exposed to suffering. Don’t despair of God’s mercy.”

Khaled Bauomy: “My heart goes out to Abou-Treika. A name that will forever be in the hearts.”

Ahmed Hossam ‘Mido’: “Despite our differences on all levels, I not only ask God, but I’m willing to do anything for him to get out of this mess. I hope investigations prove that he has nothing to do with this and may God be on his side.”

Mohamed El-Gabbas: “One of the best people I’ve known. The love of people is more valuable than money!”

Wael Reyad: “You can seize the money, the assets or seize him, but you won’t be able to seize our love for him.”

Mahmoud Trezeguet: “In our hearts captain Abou-Treika. You’re an honour to anyone in the world, best player ever and the best brother.”

ابو تريكة فى القلب ❤️

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Mahmoud Kahraba: “Abou-Treika’s in the heart.”

Saad Samir: “All of what has been happening is for a real and modest human. People’s love is the biggest treasure you’ve got. I know that you’re bigger than all of what’s going on. Abou-Treika is the last honorable man in this era. May God grant you victory.”

Ahmed Hegazy: “May God be with you Treika.”

ستظل امير القلوب #فصبر جميل #

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Abdel-Wahed El-Sayed: “You’ll remain in our hearts. Just be patient.”

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