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Sevilla thrash Fiorentina in Europa League

Vincenzo Montella

Mohamed Salah’s Fiorentina were taken over by Spanish side, Sevilla, as they lost 3-0 in the first leg of the semi-finals.


La Viola showed no hope towards a victory as they were left with a disappointing 3-0 defeat against their opponents.

As the first half began, Fiorentina put constant pressure on Sevilla, with great long balls into the box and long passes that put pressure on the defense. The Italian side’s first opportunity came with Mario Gomez, as he saw himself with a clear chance to put his side ahead, but failed to execute in front of goal.

As the game went on, Fiorentina had many chances to go ahead and potentially have a solid 3-0 lead within the first 45 minutes.

The club’s most shocking opportunity came in the 19th minute, when Chilean international, Matias Fernandez, found himself in front of goal with no one to cover. With time and no pressure on the player, it was a great opportunity to go level, but the Chilean failed to execute.

Mohamed Salah had a fairly quiet first half, with no real threat from the Egyptian. A couple of runs inside the box was the maximum Salah could do, but Sevilla’s defense were not easy to break through.

The second half was disappointing for the Italian side, as they conceded in the 52nd minute from A.Vidal, who had previously scored the first goal for his side. A lack of concentration from La Viola’s defense saw him with much room on the right, and the defender did well to find the back of the net and put his side even further into the match.

In the 75th minute, Fiorentina conceded yet another goal from Kevin Gameiro which saw Sevilla go up 3-0 against their opponents.

Unfortunately, Salah was not able to perform his best this match as it was a tight game for both sides. A fully focused Sevilla were able to keep Fiorentina behind until the final whistle.

The second leg will be played in Florence where Viola will have to score three goals in order to tie things up with their opponents. The match will be played on May 14th.

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