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VIDEO: Zamalek edge Al Masry to extend lead at the top

Zamalek CAF Confederation

Zamalek secured a tough three points against Al Masry in gameweek 29 of the , to extend their lead to four points at the top of the table.

The only goal of the game was scored by Bassem Morsi in the opening minutes, however Al Masry gave Zamalek a game to fight for specially with their brilliant second half display which saw them keep Zamalek stuck in their half.

The Whites eventually had to depend on counter attacks to kill the game but a solid display from the defence saw the white get the full three points and their 17th clean sheet for the season.

Ahmed Samir, Moruf Yusuf and Ahmed Eid made way for Hamada Tolba, Tarek Hamed and Khaled Kamar respectively as coach Jesualdo Ferreira aimed to get the three points from the start and break down Al Masry’s defensive lines.


Zamalek XI: Ahmed El-Shennawy; Hazem Eman, Ali Gabr, Mohamed Koffi, Hamada Tolba; Ibrahim Salah, Omar Gaber , Tarek Hamed (Moruf Yusuf); Mostafa Fathy, Khaled Kamar (Ayman Hefny), Bassem Morsi.

Al Masry XI: Mohamed Awaad; Eslam Salah, Wilson, Sayed Abdelaal, Mohamed Gomaa; Amr Mousa, Ashour El-Adham, Alaa Shaaban; Mahmoud Abdel-Hakim (Mohamed Ashraf), Ahmed Daouda (Ahmed Naguib), Ahmed Raouf.

First half

Zamalek started the game off brightly as Mostafa Fathy dribbled his way into the penalty box, before giving the ball to Bassem Morsi with a clever back-heel; the latter then unleashed a left-footed shot to the far post as Mohamed Awaad was left watching to give Zamalek the lead in the fifth minute of the game.

As both teams battled out for possession in midfield, Mostafa Fathy dribbled his way to Al Masry’s penalty box in the 25th minute. The youngster then then passed it to Morsi, whose poor first touch and body balance was in favour of Awaad who easily caught the ball.

Al Masry’s efforts to score were limited as Ahmed Daouda’s pass to Mohamed Gomaa cut through Zamalek’s defence but the latter’s shot went over the bar. Neither teams managed to pose a threat for the rest of the half.

Second half

Al Masry started the second half aiming to get back into the game early. Their corner kick fell straight into the legs of Mahmoud Abdel-Hakim whose shot scrapped the side of the post.

Masry remained the stronger side and remained posing a threat on the league leaders. Ashour El-Adham’s effort from a shot on target was brilliantly saved by Ahmed El-Shennawy.

Zamalek were mostly dependent on long balls to Mostafa Fathy to utilise his speed into breaking the defence but failed on many occasions.

The Green Eagles’ Ahmed Raouf had a penalty appeal denied in the 73rd minute, but it was disregarded by the referee; replays showed a clear tackle by Koffi.

Al Masry remained the better side of the game but failed to create any real threat on goal. Zamalek tried to kill the game with a counter attack which saw Ayman Hefny’s shot wonderfully saved by Mohamed Awaad and cleared for a corner in the 90th minute.

KingFut’s Man of the Match: Mostafa Fathy; with his splendid display and dribbles he made through Al Masry’s defence a couple of times and managed to pose a threat to their goal keeper.




  1. Gameref

    May 11, 2015 at 11:35 PM

    Magical backheel!

  2. adamtamer

    May 12, 2015 at 3:34 AM

    its a,shane that in your commebtary on this match u dont mention that ALMASRY HAD A,100% penalty kick wasnt called by the unfair referee at least now i.onow that u r,an unfair zamalek reporter sorry to say that mazen but its tge trutg

    • Mazin

      May 12, 2015 at 8:19 PM

      Hi Adam, its always good to hear back comments from readers, however i did mention the penalty appeal from Almasry in the report. I quote it as written above:

      “The Green Eagles’ Ahmed Raouf had a penalty appeal denied in the 73rd minute, but it was disregarded by the referee; replays showed a clear tackle by Koffi.”

      At Kingfut we always are non-baised in our reports and we show no support to which ever team we follow, we try to deliver the best for Egyptian Football!

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