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Abou-Treika claims innocence, denies company link to Muslim Brotherhood

Abou-Treika - Club World Cup
legend who had his tourism company’s assets frozen has pointed out some information that reveal his innocence during an interview with Egypt’s state-run newspaper Al Ahram.

The former player stated that he was aware of the company assets of Ashab Tours freezing decision since the 14th of April, declaring that his only partner is Abdul-Karim Fawzy. He stressed out that Anas Mohamed Omar, who was recently accused of financing Muslim Brotherhood operations, has nothing to do with the company since 2013.

The Magico continued saying, “Anas was one of the six partners in the tourism company at its establishment in 2009. I joined the partnership on December 28, 2013, as a result, the company’s legal form was amended and its name was changed from ‘Nile Land’ to ‘Ashab Tours’.”

The former player said that the 4th clause of that amended contract showed that Anas hasn’t been part of the company for the past year and half as he had officially waived his shares in the company.

“Currently me, my partner Abdul-Karim Fawzy and the current company director Abbas Mohamed Kamel are in charge of the business and not Anas Mohamed as some faulty reports has suggested,” Treika added.

Abou-Treika said that the whole case is still under investigation, asserting that the final decision isn’t taken yet as judge Ezzat Khamis, who is in charge of assessing and managing the Brotherhood’s assets, had said there was no incriminating evidence against the company so far.

“I would also like to make it clear that the case so far has not gone beyond the investigations phase,” he said. “Even the head of the committee Ezzat Khamis made media statements saying there are no official charges yet.”

The football star denied the company’s involvement in financing the Muslim Brotherhood operations saying that the company had funded the Islamic Umrah [pilgrimage] trips to Mecca for families of killed police and army personnel. Treika asserted that he has official documents that prove his claims.

He added that as the case with most of the tourism companies in Egypt since the revolution, his company is financially troubled that he had thought several times about shutting it down.

Treika as well clarified that the decision included all his money, and not only those of the tourism company, Ashab Tours, saying that he has bank statements that proved his words.

It is worth mentioning that the player had his recent grievance to unfreeze his financial assets rejected by a government committee.

Abou-Treika declared that he chose to remain silent during the previous period for two main reasons; firstly he didn’t want to affect the course of justice and the second reason was that he announced on TV in late 2012 that he will stop talking about politics completely.

He explained that he refrained from discussing political issues after he was faced by waves of criticism and accusations of mixing sports with politics, when he used to express his opinion about different political situations after the 25th of January revolution.

He stated that his silence got him into a lot of trouble, as he was surrounded by a lot of rumors, including participating in Rabaa sit-ins and providing the Muslim Brotherhood with electric generators; two claims that he had completely denied.

“Also, a photo of me with an old woman was circulated saying she’s the mother of one of the defendants in [police and locals] Kerdasa clashes. The truth is that she is a neighbor in my home in Nahya and I met her at my brother’s wedding,” Treika added.

Abou-Treika concluded his words saying that he had never met Egypt’s ousted president Mohamed Morsi, declaring that when he refused to take part in the Egyptian Super Cup with Al Ahly after Port Said disaster, Al Ahly officials told him that they received calls from the president who asked him to play the game, yet he insisted not to.

Mohammed Salama is a 21-year-old who fell in love with football since Egypt's AFCON final match against Ivory Coast! Strangely enough an Al Ahly and Al Masry fan locally. In addition, he's a hardcore Bayern Munich supporter.



  1. yaPacha el pacha

    May 14, 2015 at 10:53 AM

    what a shitty governance…this exists only in the most corrupt country of the world

    • Aly Kassem , Cairo

      May 14, 2015 at 11:23 AM

      i agree 100%.

    • Hosam

      May 14, 2015 at 1:10 PM

      Instead of facing corruption at state institutions they are bashing a football player just because of his political preference.. This government just doesn’t know what the priorities are seriously wtf..

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