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Former Egyptian sports minister hits out against FIFA corruption

Cairo International Stadium

Former Egyptian sports minister Aley Eddine Helal has launched a tirade against officials following alleged corruption in the bidding process for the 2010 World Cup which was hosted by South Africa.

The latest allegations are adding fuel to the fire regarding corruption within FIFA, with a number of high ranking officials within the World Footballing Organisation arrested in the past few weeks on charges of fraud and bribery. Former Egyptian sports minister Aley Eddine Helal is the latest to speak out following the debauchery, claiming that were asked to pay almost $7 million in bribes in 2004 in order to secure the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the first World Cup to be held on African soil.

“I did not imagine FIFA were so corrupt. Jack Warner demanded $7 million before the voting. I told the President of the Egyptian Footballing Association that Egypt could not participate in such a crime. I informed Egypt’s former Spy Chief Omar Suleiman, who confirmed that I had made the right decision,” said Helal in a confronting interview with ONTV this week.

Helal, the Egyptian official who had led the bid for the “prestigious” tournament at the time has made the statement at a particularly difficult time for the South African FA, which has been dragged in the scandal following claims that they paid $10 million in bribes to secure the hosting rights. The South African FA are currently denying any wrong doing, station that all payments were made legitimately.

The failed bid from Egypt was extremely controversial at the time, with the favourites to secure the Cup receiving no votes in the 2004 poll, with Helal also stating that the committee has stayed silent for 11 years because they did not have proof to back the way in which the polls were lost.

Jack Warner, the target of the claims, is currently on the FBI most wanted list for his role in FIFA corruption over the past few years. FIFA President Sepp Blatter has also been dragged into the melee, announcing that he will be relinquishing the presidency following his win in polling last week.

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