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Sporting Lisbon warn Zamalek about Shikabala contact


have issued a warning letter to in regards to contact made with AWOL midfielder , who has seemingly fled Portugal and is now in breach of a contract signed with the Portuguese giants in 2014.

The ongoing saga of Shikabala’s inexplicable absence from his Portuguese side has taken a new turn with the letter being sent out by Sporting Lisbon officials to Zamalek. The letter was referenced RE: Mahmoud Abdelrazak Hassan Fadlalla, aka Shikabala and expresses the unhappiness of the Sporting Lisbon hierarchy in the way in which Zamalek officials are in contact with Shikabala.

“Shikabala is still and continuously in absence of work, breaching his duties as an employee of our club. Our club ignores his whereabouts but recently took note of a sequence of facts that confirms that both Shikabala and Zamalek are acting together.” said the Lisbon based side, citing an interview in which Zamalek’s official club magazine conducted with Shikabala discussing his willingness to return to Egypt as well as reports of meetings between Shikabala himself and Zamalek officials to try and find a way for the midfielder to return.

“We reiterate that you were not, and are not, authorised to approach, contact or get in communication with the player. Your behaviour is contributing and giving strength to the players absence, and thus, increasing the damages caused to our club.” read the latter part of the letter. The saga has been a disgrace thus far to Egyptian football as a whole, with the conduct of Shikabala in regards to his contract with Sporting Lisbon nothing short of disrespectful. The Egyptian has not returned to Portugal since he left for International duty in late 2014.

There have also been reports that Zamalek have decided to send a delegation to Lisbon to meet with Sporting club officials to reach an agreement over the best course of action for the saga. Zamalek are reportedly looking for a solution to the issue which satisfies both parties, and it is believed that Shikabala himself will be part of the delegation, with other officials as well as Mortada Mansour’s son Ahmed.

It will be welcome news should it be resolved, with the issue another showing of unprofessionalism by Egyptian players playing in Europe an example of something which needs to be eradicated from the Egyptian footballing mentality if more players are to make moves overseas. A copy of the warning letter mentioned above can be seen in full below.

Sporting Shikabala Letter

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