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Zamalek to pay for Leopards’ player treatment expenses


Zamalek announced that they will be paying for AC Léopards’ Rudy Bhebey Ndey treatment expenses following his severe injury in Sunday’s game in the the African Confederation Cup.

Ndey was one-on-one with the Whites goalkeeper Ahmed El-Shennawy before the latter charged to clear the ball. The 29-year-old striker then took a wrong jump following a tackle by E-Shennawy that led to him falling almost completely vertically on his head.

The impact lead to a spinal cord concussion, a fifth cervical vertebra dislocation and bruises to the spinal cord and the sixth cervical vertebrae.

The player suffered form quadriplegia when he arrived at the hospital. Emergency intervention was done to save the player’s life, however, the treating doctor could not confirm the player’s status after recovery.

Zamalek board announced that the club will be enduring any medical expenses the player requires. Team captain Hazem Emam also said that the whole squad will be visiting the player at the hospital.

I am a doctor to be who has been passionate about football since I was just a kid. I've played for multiple clubs throughout the past decade including ElSeid and Maadi. My dream is to be football manager along with being a doctor, a mix that would be tough to achieve but doable for sure. I Enjoy what am doing, writing has always been a talent I like to put to use, that's why I like being part of the Kingfut family

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