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Egyptian Special Olympics delegation returns from Los Angeles with 50 medals

after special olympics 2015 in los angeles

Sixty-eight Egyptian Special Olympic athletes made an amazing achievement by collecting 50 medals at the 2015 Special Olympics in Los Angeles.

The Special Olympics delegation returned to Egypt on Tuesday and were welcomed in a festive way at the airport by the families and friends of the athletes.

Egyptians managed to win 14 gold, 20 silver and 16 bronze medals in the number of sports they participated in at the 2015 Special Olympics.

The Egyptian general consulate in Los Angeles arranged a small celebration for the whole delegation, which was led by Mostafa Mohamed Hassan Shabana.


Golden medals were achieved by Amro Abd-almaguid and Mohamed El-Gharbi in equestrian, Ahmed Beshir in shotput, Mohamed Ahmed and Mariam Youssef in the 100 meter freestyle swimming competition (men and women respectively), Nadine Ahmed in the 25 meter backstroke swimming competition, Yasmin Soliman in long jump, Mahmoud Khalil in the 200 meter running competition, Hadeel Sallam in the 25 meter freestyle swimming competition, Mohamed Abdalla in tennis singles and Shaymaa Ahmed and Wafaa Salem in tennis doubles. The delegation’s men’s football and women’s basketball teams also took home gold.


Regarding silver, medals were achieved by Mohamed Abdalla and Shaymaa Ahmed in tennis mixed doubles, Mariam Youssef in the 200 meter freestyle swimming competition, Mohamed Ahmed in the 100 meter backstroke, Nadine Ahmed in the 25 meter freestyle, Ahmed Metwally in the 100 meter butterfly, Dina Saleh and Mariam Azzab in equestrian, Youssef Mohamed and Alaa Ibrahim in shotput (men and women respectively), Ahmed Gouily and Mohamed Gaafar in the tennis doubles, Attia Abd Elghafar in bocce, Nashwa Abd Elkader in the 100 meter running, Mahmoud Abd Elmotaleb in male bench press, dead lift and combination all lifts, Amro Abd-almaguid in equestrian, , Wahid Abdou Sobhia in tennis doubles, Mary Eskander,Alaa Ibrahim in running, Ashraf Hussein in badminton singles,Dina Soliman and Ahmed Gouily in tennis singles, and Mohamed Tayel in male bench press.


As for the bronze medals, the list included Aya Maamoun, Mohamed Tayel, Dina Soliman, Wafaa Salem, Lobna Darwish, Ahmed Metwally, Mariam Youssef , Esraa Hussein, Aya Hussein, Mostafa Galal, Mohamed Gab Alla, Mohamed Gaafar, Mary Eskander, Mariam Azzab, Mohamed Ahmed, Wahid Abdou Sobhi, Mahmoud Abd Elmotaleb, Nashwa Abd Elkader and Attia Abd Elghafar and the handball team.

Four days after the competition began, MENA’s Special Olympics’ Managing Director, Ayman Abdelwahab, talked about his wishes for more attention to the special athletes by the ministry of Youth and Sports.

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