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Egyptian Ramy Elgazar wins US Sumo open



Egyptian Ramy Elgazar won the US Sumo Open after defeating eight-time defending heavyweight gold medalist and four-time world champion, Btamajav Ulambayar of Mongolia.

Ramy Elgazar had participated in the heavyweight category weighing 486 lbs, making him one of the heaviest competitors in his category.

The Sumo Open final was a best of three – both fighters fought for three rounds and the overall winner of the final would be crowned champion. In the first round Elgazar used his size to out muscle his opponent, and in the second, the Egyptian cleverly grabbed his opponent’s garment (sumo belt) as he picked up and pushed him out of the dohyō (circular fighting area).

Gazar became the first Egyptian/Arab to ever win the heavyweight title in this competition.

Also, fellow Egyptian Ramy Belal had participated in the middleweight division after weighing 253 lbs – the maximum of his category. Belal had won a gold medal in his division after defeating also Mongolian Bayarnmunkh Bavuudorj making this his second medal in the middleweight division of the US Open.

Youssef Wael is a massive Al Ahly and Manchester United supporter from Cairo, Egypt. One of the few Egyptians who never really wanted to have a career in football, just played it as a hobby. Wael also played squash for 7 years.

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