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Al Ahly boycott domestic football following EFA sanctions

Al Ahly

Al Ahly have announced in an official statement their decision to boycott the Egyptian Football Association () and all the -organized competitions and tournaments.

Al Ahly board announced boycotting the EFA in protest at their decision to suspend Al Ahly new signing Ahmed El-Sheikh for four months and fining him 133,000 EGP for signing for two clubs, Al Ahly and Zamalek.

“We reject the EFA’s sanctions on Ahmed El-Sheikh as Al Ahly’s legal situation is correct according to the law,” Al Ahly said in an official statement.

“The board decided to boycott the current EFA board and all its organized competitions and activities for the first team as well as for the youth teams,” the statement read.

The Red Devils board vowed to follow all the legitimate and legal ways, internally and externally, to maintain the club’s rights against what they described as “biased decisions”.

Zamalek have previously submitted a complaint to the EFA against El-Sheikh following completing his move to Al Ahly. The Whites said that El-Sheikh has earlier signed contracts to join Zamalek and requested his suspension for signing for two clubs.

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  1. ahmed

    August 18, 2015 at 9:39 PM

    “We reject the EFA’s sanctions on Ahmed El-Sheikh as Al Ahly’s legal situation is correct according to the law,”

    Regardless of if Ahly situation is correct or not its the player who is suspended and fined for signing for 2 clubs and not Al Ahly so their statement and decision is stupid and once again its to pressure the EFA to diminish the suspension to 2 or 3 games and all that nice stuff.

  2. Karim

    August 20, 2015 at 9:54 AM

    Al ably did nothing wrong. Back in December El Sheikh signed for Zamalek before the transfer window opened, both parties should have been punished. In the end Misr Miqassa banned El Sheikh for a few games. Later on in June Zamalek wanted to sign el sheikh but Zamalek did not pay the price by the deadline of June 31st. After June 31st Al Ahly came and signed him. After this the EFA was about to punish Zamalek for trying to sign el sheikh in December so Mortada Mansour forged a contract saying that the offer made to El sheikh was made in June 9th not in December. Mortada has some accociates in the EFA so the EFA decided to make the harsh ban on El sheikh witch made no sense. The EFA knew Zamalek tried signing El Sheikh in December, but they denied this. They said Zamlek signed in June and el sheikh signed in December. No deal could have to signings with a 6 month difference in between signings. But the EFA accepted Mortadas fake contract and banned El Sheikh to make problems for Al Ahly. Mortada and his board members in Zamalek are the devils of Egyptian footballers. They even did the same thing when Al Ahly signed Momen Zakria from Enppi!

    • ahmed

      August 20, 2015 at 4:11 PM

      What a deluded response. Where are you getting your info of forged contracts and FA associates and bla bha blah? If we start taking into consideration these kinds of baseless affirmation then Zamalek fans will start saying Taher have associates in the EFA and are doing this or that to hurt Zamalek, then Ahly fans will say the same about Zamalek and it will never be over. Same for your forged contract thing. Unless you have proofs to back that then its useless and dont say it.

      + You’re whole analysis of the story is just deluded. You are talking about an issue that was not even taken into consideration by anybody in this whole saga. The whole problem was not about which club signed him. The problem was about the fact that the guy signed for 2 clubs. The deadlines and the transfer window being open or not was not taken into consideration by anybody as its Egypt and Ahly and Zamalek both sign players before the window opens.

      Sheikh got punished for signing for Zamalek and then Ahly. Both clubs negotiated with the guy without negotiating with his club first and this is a fact for almost all the deals Zamalek and Ahly did in the recent years and this is also what causes problems. Both clubs want to be faster than one another and speed things up by skipping negotiations with the club owning the player, then the club who managed to make the guy sign personal terms first announce the deal to everybody to put his club in a position where the club is now forced into selling him or go into a legal saga that will anyway make them look like they are trying too hard to keep a player that anyway wants to leave. This is what causes the problems each and everytime because the other club then go speak with the owning club to try and pull the cover on their side and then accuse the other club of being illegal.

      As long as the EFA will ignore Ahly and Zamalek (and other clubs) signing personal terms with players before even negotiating a price with the players club, the transfer wars will remain like it is. It reached a point where the EFA does not even sanction these actions anymore. Both Ahly and Zamalek signed with Sheikh before agreeing a fee with Maqassa and this is what created the whole bug because Maqassa did not give a direct response of who owned the player right away and both club considered that the contract the player signed with them was legit and the EFA decided to judge only by personal terms being agree in which case Zamalek wins because they made him sign first.

      If a true good judgement was to be given it would be both Ahly and Zamalek dont get the player, both clubs are fined for negotiating terms with a player before negotiating with his club. Sheikh is suspended and fined and remain at Maqassa for the next 2 windows.

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