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EXCLUSIVE: Nadia Mokhtar El-Tetsh: El-Khatib should lead Al Ahly

Nadia Mokhtar El Tetsh

Nadia Mokhtar El-Tetsh

Nadia Mokhtar El-Tetsh, daughter of Al Ahly legend Mahmoud Mokhtar El-Tetsh, has expressed her discontent with the current situation at the club to King Fut, and wants club legend Mahmoud El-Khatib be appointed as president.

The legend’s daughter is planning on starting a campaign to spread the sentiment. According to her, the main reason behind this initiative is what she calls “a change in Al Ahly’s principals.”

“The direction of Al Ahly these days is against all the principals that we were raised with at the club, so now we want El-Khatib to return to the club to restore the principals that we have grown used to,” Nadia said.

She claimed that Hassan Hamdy and El-Khatib’s board was removed from presidency by a conspiracy. Furthermore, she described Hamdy’s board as “the most successful club board in Egypt and the most successful institution in Egypt”.

“The eight years-law that was led the board to leave has lost all of its supporters, especially after Hassan Hamdy left the club,” she claimed.

The success of Hamdy’s board is the main reason for Nadia El Tetsh’s demands that El-Khatib should be Al Ahly’s president.

“El-Khatib and the rest of the board were schooled by Saleh Selim and Hassan Hamdy, which makes him very experienced. Moreover, El Khatib was always known for being respectful and having good manners since his playing days,” she explained.

Although Nadia is an avid supporter of the campaign for El-Khatib to be Al Ahly president, she has not contacted any notable club members or ex-players to join her. However, she says she knows quite a few of them who believe El-Khatib should be club president.

At the time of publishing, no real steps have been taken to remove the current board in order to have a El-Khatib as a club president. However, according to Nadia, some people are considering printing forms similar to “Tamarod” (Rebel) demanding the removal of the current board immediately.Nadia, however, is firmly against this method.

“I do not want us to get the board sacked, my main concern is that the club is getting very similar to Zamalek and we shouldn’t go down the same path of Zamalek; sacking a board every year,” she said.

She also added that she doesn’t intend to enter any board elections because she only has and honorary membership, which doesn’t grant her the right to be a candidate in board elections or even vote.

According to Nadia, the other problem with making El-Khatib the new Al Ahly president is that the club members are content with the other services Taher’s board is providing which she summarized by saying, “the club now has better chairs, better umbrellas and the club’s restaurant now offers a bigger piece of steak.”

She added that the situation is the same at Nasr City branch, where she believes that most members supported the current board in the previous elections. However, she still believes that they will take action sooner or later; she expects them to care about the football team eventually, as football is the main source of income to the club.

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