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Former Degla midfielder Ahmed El-Merghany joins Goldi

Photo: Ahram website

Photo: Ahram website

Former Wadi Degla midfielder joined third tier club Goldi, according to the club’s coach Ibrahim Saeed.

El-Merghany has failed to join any of the Egyptian Premier League teams after Wadi Degla terminated his contract for posting some critical comments on Facebook regarding Egypt’s president Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi.

However, Former Egyptian defender , who was appointed as Goldi’s head coach a few days ago, announced on Friday the move of El-Merghany to Goldi.

“Congratulations to Ahmed El-Merghany on joining Goldi, he’ll return in a better form and I will help him move to one of the big clubs inside or outside Egypt in January,” the tweet read.

The tweet of the former Al Ahly and Zamalek player came after El-Merghany said that what he expected has happened, referring to the end of the registration period, without him joining any of the clubs that play in the Egyptian Premier League.

بمناسبة ان فترة القيد اتقفلت خلاص احب اقول اني بعد ما كتبت البوست مكنتش متوقع ان كل ده هيحصل بس بعد ما روحت الفندق بعدها…

Posted by Ahmed Marghany Mohamed on Friday, 16 October 2015

“Whenever anyone contacted me to join a team, the club’s board would refuse signing me,” said El-Merghany in a post on his Facebook account.

El-Merghany added that he was ready to apologize only for calling El-Sisi a “failure” in the controversial post which resulted in the termination of his contract. In the post, El-Merghany was criticizing the way the president handled the terrorist attacks in Sinai, which resulted in the death of over 60 army servicemen.

“People, however, wanted me to apologize for the whole post, which didn’t convince me. I accept the consequences of my words and decisions,” El-Mergany wrote.

El-Merghany concluded his post by thanking everyone who supported him or stood by his side. This was a few hours before Saeed announced on twitter that he welcomes El-Merghany in his team.

“If Ahmed El-Merghany accepts, I would be pleased to have him in my team until people forget the incident. I will help him return to his form very soon,” Saeed said on twitter before announcing El-Merghany’s move to Goldi in a tweet an hour later.

After El-Merghany’s controversial post in July, Wadi Degla released a statement to explain the reason behind their decision to ban the player.

“Referring to the decision to ban Ahmed El-Merghany until the end of the season, Wadi Degla put emphasis on our respect for freedom of speech which is provided by our constitution, however, we strongly reject expressing any political view by any employee,” the statement read.

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