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Ramadan Sobhy apologises for showboating

Photo: Al Ahly official website

Photo: official website

Al Ahly youngster Ramadan Sobhy apologised to players for showboating during the Egyptian Super Cup final, asserting that humiliation wasn’t his intention.

The 18-year-old stood on the ball during his side’s 3-2 win over Zamalek, which provoked Zamalek players, leading them to start a fight with their Al Ahly counterparts.

“I didn’t mean to humiliate Zamalek players, they are all my friends, and I had no intention to insult any of them,” Sobhy told Al Ahly television channel.

Sobhy, who plays along several Zamalek players in the Olympic and national team, explained that Zamalek could have equalized in the remaining minutes, and that if he wanted to insult them, he would have done it at the end of the game when his side would have secured the victory.

“Since it was seen as a humiliation, I apologise for Zamalek players, but if I meant to humiliate, I wouldn’t have done it in the 77th minute; long time before the game ends,” Sobhy added.

Sobhy, who was involved in a similar incident in Al Ahly’s 2-0 win over Zamalek in the Egyptian Premier League, asserted that he have repeated it a second time.

“I wasn’t intending on repeating this, but it happened spontaneously, I promise not to repeat it a third time,” Sobhy concluded.

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  1. mohendy

    October 19, 2015 at 8:43 PM

    Unfortunate that we suppress creativity in football. Yes, it was a little showboat-y, but that is perfectly fine in Europe. We should encourage it in Egypt as well.

    • ahmed

      October 20, 2015 at 3:43 PM

      Do not agree. Creativity is when you actually do it in the middle of a dribble not when you do it with 2 acres of free space 360 degrees around you. It becomes pure showboating with the intent of taunting your opponent. In some parts of the world where football is much more advanced than Egypt and Africa, you leave the game on a stretcher for doing something like this + everybody knows he did it only to taunt the opponent which is usually a red card…want to taunt the opponent with great dribbling without over doing it, be my guest. Want to wait to get the ball when nobody is near you and stand on it to taunt the opponent…this is looking for trouble and nobody (including the ref) will feel sorry for you or even be on your side.

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