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Bassem Morsi criticizes ‘showboating’ Ramadan Sobhy

Photo: REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

Photo: REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

Zamalek’s in-form player Bassem Morsi criticized Ramadan Sobhy in televised comments, after the youngster caused controversy by showboating during the Egyptian Super Cup final.

“What Ramadan Sobhi did was truly indecent.. especially after he apologized for the first time. So why do it again? Is [apologizing] that easy ?” exclaimed Bassem in a televised interview.

Sobhy stood on the ball during his side’s 3-2 win over Zamalek in the Super Cup final, which provoked Zamalek players and lead to a fight with Al Ahly team.

This incident earned Zamalek captain Hazem Emam a two-match ban, after he entered the pitch and got into a brawl with Ramadan and Al Ahly players.

“It was mainly Ramadan’s fault, not Emam’s. It was only because of being fond of Zamalek and jealous about it that Hazem Imam did intrude. Ramadan’s showboat was an unaccepted humiliation to Zamalek team players and did up-flare the fans” he added.

“I didn’t tackle this issue before.. Ramadan is my friend and national team colleague. But the fact that Al Ahly players themselves scolded him showed that he was wrong,” he concluded.

Malak Hassouna is a French Baccalaureate graduate and currently a Political Sciences student, who was born and still lives in Cairo. She started playing volleyball at the age of 7 as a libero at the Shooting Club in Cairo. A hardcore Chelsea and Al Ahly fan, also a Roger Federer worshipper. She writes for various websites and blogs including KingFut, Chelseafc360 and Vavel UK.

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