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Rabie Yassin: I’m being oppressed by the Egyptians

Rabie Yassin

Former Al Ahly and Egypt national team captain and legend Rabie Yassin has expressed, on national television, his ingratitude with the way he is being treated in the footballing world.

The former manager of the Egypt national U-20 team and winner of the 2013 African U-20 Championship believes he deserves more attention and job opportunities in the footballing world.

Yassin said, “I captained Al Ahly and the national team in more that 300 games and I created footballing history, but unfortunately, this history is being erased and stepped on.”

He continued, “Is it my fault that I am not good at establishing connections?…A manager who led the U-20 national team to victory in Africa can’t find a job, but a player who just retired is in charge of a team.”

“Is this what I deserve? Only the Commander of the Faithful can restore my status and prerogative,” Yassin remarked.

Yasmin added that he will be meeting with Abdel-Aziz Abdel-Shafy to reject the position as Director of the Youth Academy, because he is just a coach.

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