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Meteb: I could never play for Zamalek

Emad Meteb

Al Ahly’s veteran striker dismissed rumors of him retiring or moving on to play for Zamalek, while emphasizing he’s not a burden on Al Ahly.

Meteb made his debut for the Red Devils in 2004, and he has been a main-stay in the squad ever since. Lately, he has seen his contributions reduced to second-half substitutions and cameo appearances, coming off the bench for John Antwi, Malick Evouna, or Amr Gamal, who are all favored over the 32-year-old.

Nevertheless, Meteb sees his future with the Cairo powerhouse. “I cannot imagine the day that Al Ahly decide they do not need my services anymore. I don’t trouble myself with this possibility,” Meteb said.

Amid rumors of Zamalek interest, Meteb respectively shot down the prospect of playing for his rivals: “Without a doubt, Zamalek are a great club, but the situation is a bit different for me. I grew up as a son of Al Ahly; it would be difficult to play for their rivals. I cannot imagine myself as a player for Zamalek, with all due respect to the club and their fans.”

Regarding his dwindling playing time, Meteb insists that he is staying positive and waiting for his opportunity to impress. “Of course, no football player is happy not playing. I love playing football, and my happiest moments are on the pitch. I am trying to stay positive.”

“Recently, false rumors have arisen that I cause problems within the team because I have been a reserve lately. This is not true. No one can revolt against Al Ahly. I have been a player in the club for a long time, and I could never forget this. However, I do hope the situation changes for me in the future,” Meteb continued.

Finally, the veteran striker commented on remarks that he should retire, but he insists he is nowhere near ending his career. “It is too early to talk about retirement. I cannot find any logical reason for this talk at the moment. I feel upset because people unfairly criticize me and make up rumors that aim to unsettle my career, and this has interfered in my personal life and that of my family,” Meteb concluded.

Mohaned Ghanem, is a graduate of the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. Avid supporter of all things Egypt, especially Al Ahly. Gooner.

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