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Al Masry President: We are trying to end our problem with Al Ahly

Source: almasryclub


Samir Halabia, the president of Al Masry, has stated that he is doing everything in his power to end the state of tension in Egyptian football since the massacre.

Halibia said to the team’s official website that the events at Port Said were carried out by individuals who were not fans of the club or fans of football in general. “This crime was supposed to be carried out in Mahalla or Ismailia, but they failed, and so they carried it out in Port Said,” Halibia said.

The club president also reported that the board has entrusted to him the responsibility for solving all issues related to the club and to quell tensions between Al Masry and Al Ahly. “It is important to establish strong relationships with all clubs, including Al Ahly. We must all have mutual respect,” Halibia reported.

He also divulged into the context of the Port Said massacre, stressing the importance of finding and prosecuting the real culprits behind the attacks. “The incident took place under mysterious political events and conditions, prompted by some political factions desire to ignite the situation in Egypt. Unfortunately, Port Said was the site of the events. We must persecute the people who committed the act, and they are not people of Port Said or Egyptian fans,” concluded Halibia.

Egypt. Arsenal. UNC. Al Ahly. In that order.

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