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Al Ahly say Barcelona did not equal their record

Al Ahly CWC

Al Ahly say they have more international titles than Barcelona 

In a statement on Al Ahly’s official website, the team points out that Barcelona have yet to equal the Red Castle’s record for 20 international titles.

Al Ahly claim that Barcelona’s triumph during the Club World Cup earlier this week in Japan did not tip the Spanish giant past Ahly’s international titles record.

Al Ahly have won a total of 20 international titles, which places the team as the most internationally-winning team in the world.

The Red Devils justified their statement by stating that Barcelona is factoring several pre-1972 European Super Cup Championships. The championships should not be added to the team’s count because the competition became official after 1972, the statement read.

Al Ahly’s argument is that until 1972 the competition was not recognized and supervised by UEFA or FIFA. and therefore making the record unofficial when counting the number of Barça’s international titles.

It is still unclear if Al Ahly’s argument will be heard by FIFA or not.

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