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Zamalek assistant coach Tarek Mostafa resigns

Tarek Mostafa

Tarek Mostafa has handed his resignation to , ahead of refusing to continue in his managerial position with the team.

After Mortada Mansour’s meeting with the Brazilian Marcos Paqueta and his assistants, it appears that Tarek Mostafa has handed his resignation of his managerial position as assistant coach.

“My Resignation is to offer to Marcos Paqueta all the freedom needed, I am apologizing for the time I spent in Zamalek’s managerial team and I thank the board of directors for their trust,” Tarek said.

“My Resignation came in order to save the board of directors from any awkwardness, after I found out that there is campaign to destroy my image in front of them,” he continued.

“I prayed last Thursday before taking this decision and it was all settled, but I needed to wait till we were done with the match against Petrojet.

And about the campaign against him he said: “The attack towards me appeared form the very beginning, while I was appointed in Zamalek’s managerial team.

“This attack was to serve certain people’s benefits, and it appears that it succeeded as they wished for it. The fans became sure that I am the one who is taking decisions in the team, while my opinion is just advisory,” Tarek Mostafa concluded.

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