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Al Ahly’s board: Al Ahly is on top of everyone

Mahmoud Taher Board

In a press conference held on Saturday, some of Al Ahly’s board members spoke on behalf of the board to explain its view regarding Egypt’s Administrative Court’s ruling, and the board’s decisions and solutions going forward.

Al Ahly’s President Mahmoud Taher, vice president Ahmed Saeed, and board member Emad Waheed were in attendance, and they spoke about issues with the lawsuit that caused the Administrative Court’s ruling, and the immediate solution.

The Administrative Court had decided last Saturday to dismantle Al Ahly’s board of director due to electoral violations in the club’s most recent elections. In return, Al Ahly appealed the verdict to the court, and the club is awaiting the new ruling.

Taher affirmed the club’s elections were fair and lack any sort of electoral fraud, and asked the court to try and convict those who have falsely undermined Al Ahly’s board with the intentions of harming the club.

“We ask the officials to search for the plaintiff who is deliberately harming the club,” he exclaimed.

“Our results were fair, and we support and trust the legal procedures in bringing justice,” explained Taher. “The board came to office with integrity and (ektesa7), and we stand with the rights given to us by the General Assembley.”

“We will appeal to the attorney general to find those who are trying to undermine Al Ahly. Al Ahly’s board is being convicted but the plaintiff is free and should be convicted instead.”

“Al Ahly’s board members are willing to sacrifice themselves for the Red Castle’s stability. Al Ahly is on top of all,” he added.

“The board members are not at fault. We are not defending ourselves, instead we are standing for the club and the General Assembley. We participated in the elections for the club and not for personal benefits,” claimed Taher, and then continued, “the board has done a lot for the club, but it went unnoticed due to internal conflicts. The board has been attacked since its second day in office, and is now being sued, is this a work-friendly environment?”

Taher claimed, “We benefited the club in our 20 month stint. We have progressed in sports, and our services and resources are unprecedented.”

“We have not apologized to the military, and our relations with the Egyptian Army is strong. Al Ahly is not just an Egyptian club, it’s part of Egypt.”

“We have not looked into recruitment. Once the verdict is passed, we will decide what is best for the club.”

“I ask the Prime Minister of Egypt to interfere and solve this problem immediately in hopes of saving the club and sports in Egypt, given that Al Ahly is one of the biggest clubs in Egypt,” he demanded.

Saeed commented on the criticisms the board faced, and the difficulties of working under them.”There is a conspiracy. We are being attacked constantly and blatantly. There’s people who place the blame of every football match’s result in our hands.”

“The General Assembly has the only say in the success or failure of the board of directors,” he declared. “We accept criticism, but small problems are given more attention that they’re worth here at the club.”

Finally, Waheed commented on the source of the problem: “Social media is behind this crisis.”

It is worth noting that the new verdict is set to be passed tomorrow, Sunday.

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