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Spalletti: Salah is still affected by his injury

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

Roma manager Luciano Spalletti has talked about Salah’s form in recent weeks during the pre-match press conference.

During the pre-Frosinone press conference, Spalletti has talked about Salah’s dip in form after his injury against Lazio back in November as he hasn’t scored or assisted for Roma since the Leverkusen match before his injury.

“He’s been affected by his injury” Spalletti said.

“He hasn’t rediscovered his brilliance and inspiration again. The first thing he has to do is beat his man, he has to think about beating his man, that’s his thing.

“The ten metres inside or outside is something I say we’ve made great progress with in Italian football, but we have to interpret it well in terms of principles, concepts of the game.

“You have to recognise when to take the ball in to feet and when to attack the space, it’s a situation which is down to the player. It depends on the style we’re developing and the interpretation of it.

“Everyone has to know how to do both. He is good with the ball at his feet. I think when you’re on the wing the path is longer, with more obstacles, and he’s sitting deeper which means he comes up against more players on his way to goal.

“If you come into the centre the path is shorter, and you can find a route between the lines. These are things which the players have to interpret, when there’s a high line pressing us then we have to attack the space, but if they  are tending to stand off, there’s more space to play with the ball at feet.

“These are things the players have to know how to apply.”

Roma are set to face Frosinone tomorrow and currently sit fifth in the Seria A with 35 points behind Inter Milan and Fiorentina who both are on 41 points.


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