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Al Masry SC release statement condemning calls for demonstrations

Al Masry SC Official Facebook

Photo: Al Masry Official Facebook

released a statement on its official website condemning the Ultras Green Eagles’ calls for demonstrations in .

Seventy two Al Ahly supporters tragically lost their lives on February 1, 2012, following the Port Said disaster – one of the darkest days in not just Egyptian football, but world football as a whole.

There are a total of 73 accused in the massacre, including nine officials from Port Said’s Security Directorate and three officials from Al Masry club. The court originally handed out death sentences to 21 of the defendants in January 2013, however, a re-trial back in June saw the upholding of 11 death sentences. Other defendants were given sentences ranging from one year to life in prison, while the court had acquitted 28 defendants, including seven security officials.

Following the fourth anniversary of the tragedy earlier this week, Al Masry’s Ultras, the Ultras Green Eagles (UGE), released a statement via their Facebook page calling for demonstrations this Friday. UGE claim to be facing ‘injustice’ from Egypt’s government over the ‘killing of the city’s sons’, referring to those sentenced to death in the Port Said massacre case and those killed in street clashes following the announcement of the verdict.

Al Masry SC then released a statement on its official website on Tuesday to strongly condemn these calls.

“Al Masry club has been closely following the discussions from Al Masry fans and the people of Port Said, who are clearly upset about the actions that accompanied the fourth anniversary of the 1st of February 2012 events.

“Al Masry would like to call on the fans to turn their backs on the invitations from social media websites that called on Al Masry fans and Port Said people to join in on demonstrations that would take place next Friday,” the statement continued.

“Al Masry club announces the full appreciation and solidarity to the demands of the club’s faithful fans, who prove their patriotism for our country Egypt and our city Port Said.

“The club also trusts in the political leadership of Port Said to convey the people of Port Said’s point of view on all subjects that took place in the city during February 2012 and January 2013.

“Al Masry club – the symbol of Port Said – must stress on the absolute refusal to any abuse directed to the city of Port Said and its people from some irresponsible parties. The club will convey this message on the highest level.
“Port Said city has and will always be a symbol for courage and sacrifices for our precious country with all the martyrs we offered through the ages,” the statement concluded.

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