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Al Ahli to take legal action against Zamalek


Photo: Al Ahli official Twitter account

director Ahmed Bamouza has revealed that the club won’t pay the rest of ’s fees following ’s latest comments.

Zamalek president Mansour criticized the Saudi club’s board, labelling them as scammers. The controversial president explained that he barely gets any responses to his queries regarding club dues remaining from the transfer of Mohamed Abdel-Shafy to Al Ahli last year.

In his words to Saudi Radio Program “Goool” , Bamouza was asked about the club’s reactions regarding Mansour’s latest comments.

“Zamalek still have dues remaining from the transfer of Abdel-Shafy and we have scheduled these dues,” Bamouza started. “We were forced to delay the payment of these dues, and we informed the Egyptian club about that,” Bamouza said.

“Surprisingly, Mortada Mansour has spoken to several Egyptian channels and attacked the club every time. We still owe Zamalek  money, he’ll receive it, but the way Mansour is dealing doesn’t suit Al Ahli.

“Mortada Mansour’s condition when selling Abdel-Shafy was that we deal with him in a respected way. We had also informed him about the scheduled fees, but we have been surprised as Mortada appeared several times with Khaled El-Ghandour describing the board as scammers.”

Bamouza confirmed that Zamalek won’t receive any fees with the way Mansour is dealing with the club and he has no other solution but to report the case to FIFA/

“Al Ahli have never been late to pay other club’s fees but due to certain conditions we had to schedule these transfer fees, and we informed Zamalek about that. We wanted that situation to be solved in a friendly manner, but Zamalek’s way wasn’t suitable for us,” Bamouza said.

Regarding the presence of any clauses in Abdel-Shafy’s contract, Bamouza reveled that the there isn’t any clause, contrary to what Mansour said in some TV channels.

“Moratda Mansour said that there are certain clauses in the contract to increase the fee by 5% after every delay. However, this is completely wrong and Abdel-Shafy’s contract doesn’t contain any clauses regarding the transfer fees,” Bamouza concluded.

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