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Mido accuses Mortada Mansour of hiring sorcerer


Ahmed Hossam ‘Mido’ has launched a verbal attack against the White Castle chairman Mortada Mansour, following his sacking as Zamalek manager.

Right after Zamalek 2-0 loss against Al Ahly in the Cairo derby on Tuesday, Mansour sacked Mido and football director Hazem Emam on live television.

Mido revealed his anger for getting to know of his sacking through the media, saying that he was treated with “disrespect”.

“I don’t want to talk about the problems that surrounded the team now, I will speak at the right time but I would like to send a message to Mortada that Mido and Hazem Emam do not deserve to be sacked live on air,” Mido said in a televised interview late on Friday.

“At least we should have been told about our sacking and not know of it through the media…What happened will not go down easily, I will teach you [Mansour] how to respect people,” the 32-year-old manager said.

Mido spoke about his short stint with Zamalek, saying that he worked under extreme pressure that no manager can bear.

He said that although everyone agrees that Mortada has a strong character and that he helped to bring Zamalek back to its glory days, there is a fine line between his strong character and the pressure he conveys to the players and the coaching staff.

“We did our best with the club, but unfortunately we worked with someone that nobody can work with. Even if Mortada brought Jose Mourinho, he would never succeed. Mortada interfered with our work all the time,” Mido said.

He explained that Mortada interfered with the squad selection after their draw with Smouha, which came after a four-match winning streak.

“He called us to a meeting where he asked for players to be sidelined and for others to start,” the former Tottenham Hotspur player explained.

He also added that during the half time of Smouha game, Mansour asked them not to introduce Mohamed Ibrahim in the second half of the match.

“Mortada also told us not to play Bassem Morsi, Kahraba, Ahmed Dweidar because they were bewitched,” Mido said.

He added that throughout the last season, Mansour hired a “sheikh”, who used;sorcery and magic. He said that this sheikh used to attend the matches and ride the bus with the team.

“He was compensated for his work with EGP 7,000 per match. I have photos to prove all that,” Mido added.

Mido later explained on his twitter account that his statements about sorcery were misinterpreted.

“Some people are twisting my words, claiming that I said Zamalek won the league [last season] with sorcery and magic. I didn’t say that. Zamalek won because they were the best team,” the tweet read.

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