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Egypt-eligible Aly Alberto Hassan joins Carolina Railhawks

Aly Alberto Hassan Carolina Railhawks

Photo: Carolina Railhawks Official Twitter

Egyptian-American striker Aly Alberto Hassan has signed a one-year deal with North American Soccer League side Carolina Railhawks,  joining from Ottawa Fury.

Hassan started his career at the Fort Lauderdale Strikers who ply their trade at the NASL, before moving last year to Ottawa Fury, He was born in Miami to an Egyptian father and a Colombian mother.

The 26-year-old expressed his desire to play for the Egyptian national team in a previous interview with KingFut.

KingFut contacted Hassan to get his thoughts on his new move.

Mohamed Tosson: Hello Aly, congratulations on your transfer.

Aly Hassan: Thank you, I appreciate it.

MT: We know that you had a couple of offers for the new season, why did you choose the Railhawks?

AH: I believe that this organization is heading in the right direction and are going to compete to win the Championship, that is a big reason I decided to come to Carolina.

MT: You scored a brace in a recent friendly with your new side, was it your first match? How did it feel?

AH: It was the second friendly we had and I scored a goal in the first one as well.

It felt good to be back on the field with this group, we are very determined to have a successful year and the coaching staff is doing a good job at bringing the group together.

Did you set a personal target for yourself for next season?

I Don’t necessarily have a target, more of a goal just to push myself to help the team the best way I can, by either scoring or helping to create chances for us to score. Obviously I want to score as many goals as I can but the true goal is to make it back to the finals again this year and win it this time around.

The promotion system in the United States is different from in Europe or even in Egypt, can you explain a bit on how teams can make it to the MLS?

There is no promotion/relegation system in place here. I think it would be better if there was, but the system is just different, the MLS franchise are more costly than NASL franchises. If a team wants to play in the MLS it’s really about the money. In my opinion the level is pretty similar, most NASL teams I believe could compete in the MLS without question.

Would you like to add anything else?

I’m excited for the season to start and hopefully have an exciting year for my family, my friends and fans that are following along on this journey with me.

KingFut would like to thank Aly for his time, and wishes him the best of luck for the upcoming season.

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