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Cuper on Ghaly and Koka : ِMy decisions are for the best of Egypt NT

Héctor Cúper

Egypt coach Hector Cuper has justified his choices for the national team, explaining that he chooses the best players from his own point of view.

Cuper’s choices regarding Egypt’s latest two African encounters against Nigeria, including the omission of captain Hossam Ghaly from the first game and exclusion of SC Braga striker Ahmed Hassan Koka from squad in the second one, have been called into question by several experts and pundits in Egypt. However, the veteran coach said he never had the intention to degrade any player.

“Not selecting a certain player is because that there is, at the same time, a player who is in a better shape. And of course I am exposed to a lot of pressure from fans even when I am at the supermarket,” Cuper told Sada El-Balad channel.

“I have an assisting coaching staff, I consult with them everything. Certainly I was wrong on some occasions, biggest proof is that I called up some players of those who I excluded before.

“I call up the best players for me, satisfying 90 million people is a very hard thing. I am convinced with my choices, because I am the one who hold the responsibility at the end of the day.”

“I do not intend to offend any player and I haven’t slaughtered Koka like what one of the reporters told me after the [second Nigeria] game.

“I analysed the performance of every player after the first game then I took the decision to exclude him. It was definitely a surprise, but he wasn’t doing well in the training sessions ahead of the second game, I am looking for the best for the national team,” he concluded.

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