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FIFA appoint Fatima Samoura as Jerome Valcker’s predecessor

Fatima Samoura
United nations (UN) official Fatima Samoura breaks the ground to become first female and non-Europian FIFA General Secretary after being suggested by the incumbent and approved by the council as Jerome Valcker’s predecessor.

The Senegalise who spent 21 years as a UN Official in Nigeria has no experience in Sports but has the backing of the President Gianni Infantino.

“She is used to managing big organizations, big budgets, human resources and finances. She is bringing a fresh wind to FIFA from outside, not somebody from the past. Someone new and can help us to do the right thing in the future,” Gianni Infantino said.

The announcement of the 52-year-old’s appointment was made at the FIFA Congress in Mexico on friday and she will start working at the World governing board in June.

An African football Journalist based in Livingstone, Zambia.

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