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Ismail Youssef: The referee was joking

Zamalek Ismail Youssef Ferreira Staff

Photo: SC official Facebook page

Zamalek’s football assistant manager, , criticized the referee’s performance in Zamalek and Maqassa and accused him of intentionally ruining the whole match. 

The White Knights defeated Maqassa in the 29th round of the Egyptian Premier League, a match that witnessed two red cards for each side.

Youssef expressed his discontent for what happened from the referee in the match. “ was joking, he wanted to ruin the match. He ruled an incorrect goal for Maqassa and a hasty red card for Bassem Morsi,”

The ex-Zamalek legend agreed that the first yellow card Morsi received was unnecessary as the striker could’ve avoided it. “I think that Bassem Morsi was too irritable and he should’ve controlled himself in a better way, even if the referee was not fair.

However, the match’s referee, Mohamed Farouk, does not agree with what Youssef said and was happy with his performance during the match.

On the other side, Morsi thinks that he didn’t do anything that deserved a second yellow card. “I didn’t do anything to Maqassa’s goalkeeper. I was surprised that he and other players were fighting with me,” he explained.

Morsi said that his dismissal was unjust. “I am sad that I won’t be participating with the team because of this, especially after scoring again.”

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