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Mohamed Youssef set to return to Iraqi Al-Shorta

Al Ahly manager Mohamed Youssef

has announced his intention to lead for a second stint after the club started negotiations with him.

In television comments made to “Ma’a Shobeir” program, Al-Shorta spokesman Taysir El Yasiri has said that Mohamed Youssef’s return to the club is demanded by fans.

“We officially apologize for Youssef for what has happened with him by the former board and how he was sacked.”

Taysir has added: “We’ll travel to Egypt to apologize to the respectful Youssef who’s been good to the club and his return is something the fans want.

“We’ll solve the issue of his late payments and then negotiate with him officially to lead the team as he’s a great manager with exceptional manners.”

Mohamed Youssef has commented on the situation saying: “Everyone knows that what happened to me at the club was strange, how do I get sacked after being top of the league with a 12 point difference from the second placed team and being top of my group in the Asian Champions League.”

“They’ll be in Egypt to apologize and solve the late payment issue as I went to the FIFA for the problem; they’ll also start negotiations with me to lead the team in the new season which is something I’m open to.”

On the new coaching staff he’s set to take to Al-Shorta, the former Ahly manager said: “The staff will be purely Egyptian, the first time I had a Brazilian goalkeeper coach but this time I’ll take an Egyptian coach.”

It’s worth noting that Mohamed Youssef was sacked from his latest post as Smouha manager and has been since without a club.

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