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Sisi addresses sports in Egypt, sends message to Ultras

Sisi, Sisi stadium ban

Egypt‘s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi spoke about the stadium ban enforced in Egypt, the possibility of the fans’ return to stadiums, as well as honoring Egyptian athletes.

In an interview conducted on Friday to mark two-years as the Egyptian President, El-Sisi was asked when the fans will be allowed to enter stadiums.

He replied, “I hope to see football fans back in stadiums, but first the ultras in Egypt must become responsible.”

President El-Sisi then directed a message to all ultras fan groups in Egypt and asked them to show exemplary behavior and responsibility in the stands.

“Of course not, they can’t take responsibility for securing the stadiums, but they should take responsibility for the way they organize themselves inside the stadium,” he clarified.

El-Sisi continued, “I ask ultras groups to show the Egyptian people and the whole world that they are competent of organizing themselves before and during the matches.”

The ban was enforced in 2012 after the Port Said Massacre, in which 72 football fans were killed.

“I was not involved with stadium security, but I have no doubt that the fans [ultras] can work with the Ministries of Youth and Sports and Interior to make the return to stadiums possible,” he concluded.

Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi also expressed his desire in honoring Egyptian athletes that participate in a wide range of sports around the world: “It would be an honor to meet with Egyptian [sports] champions who participate in sports like squash and others.”

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