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Osama Nabih: Cuper treats staff like the Parliament

Héctor Cúper

Assistant coach has talked about Egypt manager Hector Cuper and how he takes decisions based on majority votes among the staff members.

In comments made to radio station “9090” Nabih said: “We work with a great manager whose name is known worldwide, and I can assure you that the final decision is his to make.

“My opinion, like the rest of the staff members, is only advisory as Hector Cuper gets to decide in the end.”

Various debates have arose in the media lately questioning Cuper’s decision making and whether Nabih influences the decisions regarding subjects such as Hossam Ghaly’s exclusion from the Egypt squad.

Nabih has commented on how decisions are made saying: “We vote on decisions like the Parliament, by raising hands, and the majority decision is followed at the end.

“The coaching staff doesn’t want any trouble, but as long as you do decent work you’ll always be faced with hardships.”

It’s worth noting that Cuper and his staff have led Egypt to the the 2017 AFCON in Gabon after the team managed to miss the last three editions of the tournament which they won seven times.

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