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Shady Beshr: Egypt’s professional Skydiver

Shady Beshr
Following Nour El-Sherbini’s heroics in Squash, Javelin thrower Ihab Abdelrahman among others, another Egyptian is on the rise. The time has come to leave the ground & head to the sky.

Last week a new world record was set by a group of skydivers in Monaco, a group which includes 33-year-old Egyptian Shady Beshr succeeded in jumping and landing on the beach in Monte Carlo, a feat which was achieved for the first time in history of the sport.

Shady, who has completed more than 3000 jumps around the world is now on a European tour to attempt historical jumps, speaks to KingFut about his journey with skydiving and BASE jumping.

“It all started back in 2009, even before the launch of Skydive Dubai. There was a small entity called Fazzaa Sky, where his highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad Al Maktoom brought a small plane and a group of professionals at Skydiving to teach him how to Skydive, and it happened that I was there watching one of these sessions,” Shady said.

“I kept watching them flying and landing for more than four hours. It was very exciting just to see them in the sky. I went again the following day, and all the following weekends I was there watching and watching, until one day, the manager of Skydive Dubai approached me and told me he was impressed that I was there everyday watching. He also asked me to go with them and try jumping,” Shady continued.

Shady two

“It all started with that jump, I was afraid when they opened the plane’s door and prepared me for the first jump but before I knew it I was up there in the sky and the moment I landed I knew that jumping is the thing I wanted to keep doing for the rest of my life.

“I wanted to learn, two weeks later I was officially in the first class of Skydive Dubai and I was the first Egyptian to graduate from the Skydive Dubai course and obtain the United States Parachute Association (USPA) license!”

Shady did not stop at just obtaining a license to jump, but his drive to challenge and succeed helped him win 1st place in the two-way formation Skydiving competition hosted by Skydive Dubai in 2011-12.

After owning the skydiving technique and mastering it, Shady decided to extend his skills to a new level, BASE jumping, one of the most extreme sports in the world.

“The word BASE refers to Building, Antenna, Span, Earth,” Shady explained.

Shady Beshr two-way

“It was such a big step to go from Skydiving to BASE jumping because the physics of BASE jumping is totally different than skydiving, when you Skydive your body moves at the same speed of the plane, you have the wind which makes you fall in a certain way, you have that air resistance which makes the transition up there easy.

“But when you are BASE jumping, you are basically jumping in dead air, you don’t have enough height or altitude. So you have to be a really good skydiver before you take that step. I attempted my first BASE jump out of a 450 feet bridge and I felt like I owned the world!

Shady Beshr

When asked about his favorite country to jump: “Norway, it has the best nature and weather, on the ground it is +20 degrees, you can hike up to the mountain where it is much colder, you jump and you have rivers to swim in. It’s perfect.

“But after over 3000 jumps around the world, I would love to attempt a jump in my country, Egypt,” Shady concluded.

Two way

Interview conducted by Mirna El Helbawi

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